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Girls weekend :: Punce po svoje

kgmWhen i imagine a girls trip i always think of relaxed time spent eating, drinking, laughing, taking photos and gossiping. As my luck would have it this past weekend was spent doing just that with the best group of girls i could wish for. The main reason for the trip was the fact that i wanted to show off the apartment i designed in Slovenia’s most famous ski resort of Kranjska Gora so we stayed there and visited as many local sights as possible. 16143981_10154551113294877_505110118_nOur girls trip started on a snowy Friday afternoon, when i was especially grateful to be driving our Mercedes Cla Shooting brake for it’s safety and certain grip of the road. Unfortunately, due to the snowy road i had to wait untill our return journey on Sunday to fully test  it’s speed limits but i have to say we felt very comfortable the entire time. Also, a Mercedes Benz full of girls is guaranteed to attract a lot of attention, especially if the driver (me) is a pro at parallel parking (ok, so the bystanders don’t have to know i had all of the fancy sensors and cameras guiding me, haha)cropmAfter arriving to the apartment, the first thing i did was light the fire and then we ate, drank gin&tonics and bubbly while gossiping until the early hours.16117364_10154551103744877_1497767835_nKranjska Gora is known to welcome it’s visitors with tons of fun outdoor activities such as skiing, ice skating, hiking and mountain biking, plus there are a lot of mesmerizing natural sights nearby. Since we only had two days to spent there we decided on visiting Laghi Di Fuisine and Lake Jasna, but let me assure you Zelenci natural reserve, Planica or (frozen) Peričnik waterfall can be aqually breathtaking. kg_175The perfect combination of moutains,  snow and sun.

kg_149Cosy afternoons were spent reading in bed!kg_160Now, i do realize imagining 6 girls sharing one bathroom might seem impossible but we made it work!
kg_166Ducklings at Lake Jasna.16128544_10154551103669877_900550424_nWe took soooooooooo many photos this weekend!
kg_97Winter perfection.kg_36mThankfully, none of us is dieting so we indulged in a proper brunch feast.16128758_10154551104669877_1339774569_nMaja and Katja enjoying their moring coffees before heading out into the snow. kg_54I was stunned by the nature but also thankful i recently bought a pair of proper winter boots. kg_155Smile!16128180_10154551104114877_99779521_nThis weekend wouldn’t be possible without Apartma Dolinka, Mercedes Benz Slovenija, Vitamin Well, Gin Masters , MG Tonica, Jeruzalem Ormož, Hofer Slovenija and of course the perfect company of Katja from We Just Travel, Maja from Mikstejp, Valentina, Teja and Petra! Love you all!



Hello Moto


dsc_0196When i was in high school i used to own a Motorola flip phone (oh, sooo cool, i know!) but later on we all kind of forgor about the brand, which has recently (after being taken over by Lenovo) rebranded itself as Motorola Mobility and issued a Moto Z family of smartphones that cater to all different types of users. I’m now a lucky owner of the Moto Play Z model which is great for my needs and i’ll try to explain why….dsc_0144I’d love to go into details about the technical specifications but i could never understand any of those so i’ll just say thah my Instagram game got way better since i got it thanks to it’s awesome camera (the front camera is also great – it even has a flash, which comes in really handy when taking a night time selfie). Now imagine if i splurged on the Moto Mod Hasselbrand True Zoom lens attachment! I guess that purchase would allow me to stop carrying my heavy dslr camera to furniture salons/construction sites which would be great…
dsc_0178Anyways, Moto Z Play is a perfect phone choice fo users who appreciate a useful phone with a long lasting (and fast charging) battery, a big screen that is perfect for writing emails and (i can’t emphasise this enough!) a good camera!

P.s. in case you, my dear readers, are interested in specifications (and can understand them) feel free to read them HERE!


Crème Brûlée Špecial

14633224_1184932741542558_2212986852788809435_oI guess i’m at that age when a perfect Friday night constists of great food, friends, drinks and music – yes, in that particular order. So this past Friday,  me and the girls set out in a search of some grown up fun and were super excited to discover Crème Brûlée Špecial; an event that is held monthly by Surf Insitute at Ljubljana’s legendary Klub Mladinsko. Being an event of intimate nature, Crème Brûlée Špecial is a perfect fusion of culinary expressionism and club atmosphere where guests can unwind after a busy week. In the intimate atmosphere of the club we enjoyed tasting craft beers and thoughtfully prepared food all the while swaying to some funky music. The next Crème Brûlée Špecial is planned for November 11th and i for one can’t wait to see what menu; drinks and musical guest they come up with this time! 14641985_1184933301542502_2565578245835429184_n14556678_1184933894875776_536420467138816642_o14720434_1184933998209099_5832661902785977235_n14711037_1184933588209140_6115985058175541010_o14595579_1184932121542620_4366743813423429311_n14589576_1184932544875911_8543596772820072029_o

Photos by Romina Ivančič from Aluna Weddings.


Prosecco in Venice

dsc_1275As you may or may not know, im not the greatest fan of Venice. I know most people get ecstatic about visiting ‘the city of love‘ but crowds of tourists, pigeons and kitschy souvenirs just make me want to roll my eyes. In spite of that; i do visit Venice quite often, mostly to see the Bienale and during those visits i have managed to find neighbourhoods that have not been flooded by tourists and where one can still find that authentic feel of the city. In september, the girls wanted to experience the ‘real’ Venice so we set out to find those little /untouristy/ streets with /cheaper/ pizzas and enjoy some prosecco by the canals. Since dogs are so welcome eveywhere in Italy i even decided to bring Linda along and i think she enjoyed the trip as well.image-0-02-01-cb1777f5e54995c798791230c0fecaeeda293392cdc69529217af1f8f566ab4c-vdsc_1260image-0-02-01-a28912bcf01882b03ad6bd425b9fb673f727b2aef42db53710c97a0783495890-vdsc_1223image-0-02-01-78ba1568adc5ca6d25133a4aaafc5ae8d743a4858fc9e47929046183a516f9df-vdsc_1308


Picnic in a tree

image-0-02-01-84328aa754afc000924ec93ef19937c8e9d715bebb80c465a40ab36e31a9cae5-vIn september, me and the girls decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and escape the city to enjoy a picnic in nature – and by nature i literally mean a treetop.  Located next to a gourgeous meadow, Experience treetops platforms offer breathtaking views of surrounding hills while guests can choose from just having a picnic or even spending the night on a hanging bed. It’s a perfect spot so celebrate a romantic anniversary, spend a lazy afernoon reading a book or organize an active birthday party at the adjoining adventure park. Guests are treated to a picninc basket, filled with homegrown and locally produced goodies and even though we still got to enjoy the ‘summer’ version of the picninc i can imagine an autum one with roasted chestnuts (yes, there are a couple fo fire pits on the property) and apple cider could be just as amazing! image-0-02-01-885a0ae0e162bd41d7595afc35b40301dc0bfe0d6b09e5989b5e80d134883191-vdsc_1151image-0-02-01-5e28bbf90f22bc545ce0f6ef175f279b2c065aaba5bf74d044140760b42a89e7-vdsc_1175image-0-02-01-79309ae563abd8639f51e33eaa680c5e14982c823cc7b7bfca0bd6682b1efe0a-v

Most photos were taken by Valentina Jarc


Vintage Vacation

DSC_1442Last year, i met this awesome girl, who told me her father collects traditional houses. Yes, you read that right, houses. When he sees an old house he likes he buys it; disassembles it, transport it on to his idilic property via a helicopter and reassembles/restores it. He’s been doing it for about thirty years and as far as hobbies go, this must be the most interesting one i’ve ever heard of. Of course, i HAD to see the houses in person and i’m ecstatic to be able to share them with you, my dear readers. The best new is that the daugher recently decided to turn the houses into vacation apartments. DSC_1329I stayed at the Vintage Vacation twice by now and i can not get enough of the peaceful energy that surrounds the place. Guests are welcomed by the owners and shown around the property (great for learning about traditional Slovene architecture). There is no wifi (except for at the main house), but a gift basket of delicious homemade/homegrown food is waiting for you as u walk into the apartment. Guests can relax and enjoy the peace or go hiking (the place is literally surrounded by mountains), biking or rafting at the gorgeous Savinja river. DSC_1379Amoung the houses there is a small chapel and it looks like a perfect wedding location! DSC_1510One of the houses serves as a museum where guests can learn about the way people used to live. DSC_1564Vintage Vacation is filled with love for nature and history. DSC_1365The small hut in the woods will soon be available for rent and i already know i’ll be going there as soon as possible!