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Prosecco in Venice

dsc_1275As you may or may not know, im not the greatest fan of Venice. I know most people get ecstatic about visiting ‘the city of love‘ but crowds of tourists, pigeons and kitschy souvenirs just make me want to roll my eyes. In spite of that; i do visit Venice quite often, mostly to see the Bienale and during those visits i have managed to find neighbourhoods that have not been flooded by tourists and where one can still find that authentic feel of the city. In september, the girls wanted to experience the ‘real’ Venice so we set out to find those little /untouristy/ streets with /cheaper/ pizzas and enjoy some prosecco by the canals. Since dogs are so welcome eveywhere in Italy i even decided to bring Linda along and i think she enjoyed the trip as well.image-0-02-01-cb1777f5e54995c798791230c0fecaeeda293392cdc69529217af1f8f566ab4c-vdsc_1260image-0-02-01-a28912bcf01882b03ad6bd425b9fb673f727b2aef42db53710c97a0783495890-vdsc_1223image-0-02-01-78ba1568adc5ca6d25133a4aaafc5ae8d743a4858fc9e47929046183a516f9df-vdsc_1308


Picnic in a tree

image-0-02-01-84328aa754afc000924ec93ef19937c8e9d715bebb80c465a40ab36e31a9cae5-vIn september, me and the girls decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and escape the city to enjoy a picnic in nature – and by nature i literally mean a treetop.  Located next to a gourgeous meadow, Experience treetops platforms offer breathtaking views of surrounding hills while guests can choose from just having a picnic or even spending the night on a hanging bed. It’s a perfect spot so celebrate a romantic anniversary, spend a lazy afernoon reading a book or organize an active birthday party at the adjoining adventure park. Guests are treated to a picninc basket, filled with homegrown and locally produced goodies and even though we still got to enjoy the ‘summer’ version of the picninc i can imagine an autum one with roasted chestnuts (yes, there are a couple fo fire pits on the property) and apple cider could be just as amazing! image-0-02-01-885a0ae0e162bd41d7595afc35b40301dc0bfe0d6b09e5989b5e80d134883191-vdsc_1151image-0-02-01-5e28bbf90f22bc545ce0f6ef175f279b2c065aaba5bf74d044140760b42a89e7-vdsc_1175image-0-02-01-79309ae563abd8639f51e33eaa680c5e14982c823cc7b7bfca0bd6682b1efe0a-v

Most photos were taken by Valentina Jarc


Vintage Vacation

DSC_1442Last year, i met this awesome girl, who told me her father collects traditional houses. Yes, you read that right, houses. When he sees an old house he likes he buys it; disassembles it, transport it on to his idilic property via a helicopter and reassembles/restores it. He’s been doing it for about thirty years and as far as hobbies go, this must be the most interesting one i’ve ever heard of. Of course, i HAD to see the houses in person and i’m ecstatic to be able to share them with you, my dear readers. The best new is that the daugher recently decided to turn the houses into vacation apartments. DSC_1329I stayed at the Vintage Vacation twice by now and i can not get enough of the peaceful energy that surrounds the place. Guests are welcomed by the owners and shown around the property (great for learning about traditional Slovene architecture). There is no wifi (except for at the main house), but a gift basket of delicious homemade/homegrown food is waiting for you as u walk into the apartment. Guests can relax and enjoy the peace or go hiking (the place is literally surrounded by mountains), biking or rafting at the gorgeous Savinja river. DSC_1379Amoung the houses there is a small chapel and it looks like a perfect wedding location! DSC_1510One of the houses serves as a museum where guests can learn about the way people used to live. DSC_1564Vintage Vacation is filled with love for nature and history. DSC_1365The small hut in the woods will soon be available for rent and i already know i’ll be going there as soon as possible!


Spain + Portugal highlights

If you follow me on social media you already know i spent a couple of weeks in Spain (Barcelona) and Portugal (Lisbon + Porto) and i really can not emphasise enough how good this trip felt! I finally fully relaxed, crossed a couple of things off my bucket list, learned a couple of really important life lessons and managed to read an entire book! This time around, i did not bring my computer or even the camera; i just wanted to enjoy the experience in person and not be concerned with work or even internet. However, i managed to take some semi crappy photos with my phone and today, i want to share some hightlights of the trip and (since in Portugal i stayed with friends who showed me the best places) some insiders tips on what to do:p1Beaches. Obviously, first thing that comes to mind when planning  summer vacations is a proximity of a beach. In Barcelona the water is very welcoming while in Portugal it’s freezing cold – which doesn’t stop the locals from going to the beach and neither should it stop you!  I was super super exited to try surfing for the first time ever plus i managed to visit Piscina des Mares – a swimming pool complex designed by Alvaro Siza Vieira and therefore a paradise for all architecture enthusiasts (pictured on the left). p3Food. Food in Barcelona is very photogenic as well as very tasty (pictured on the right) in comparasement to the food in Portugal, which is very unpretentious but very very very yummy and cheap too (pictured on the left) . Portugese people are known to already plan their dinners while eating lunch so it’s super easy to adapt to their way of life (and get fat). Also, in Portugal being vegetarian or vegan is pretty difficult as restaurants serve mostly fish and meat dishes; but my friends in Porto took me to an awesome vegetarian restaurant Da Terra; where they serve delicious vegetarian/vegan dishes at reasonable prices. p4Friends. The whole trip was about seeing pleople i love dearly yet haven’t seen  in forever (like my Erasmus besties) but i also managed to meet some new awesome pleople who taught me that traveling alone can be a great experinece. p6Fun. Now, i’m a bit /old/ for clubbing yet i still love going out, having drinks and meeting people. In Lisbon, one of the best ways to do that is to join a pub crawl; or just go down random street in Barrio Alto – it’s full of bars, people and fun. Another must do in Lisbon is a visit to Park; a bar/club located on top of a parking garage that offers great view of the city and best cocktails ever. In Barcelona, you can find clubs and bars everywhere but a visit to Espit Chupitos is a must if you’re into shots with the funniest names ever.  As a huge gin enthusiast i was ecstatis to learn that in Porto, there are bars and even clubs (like The gin house) where all you can order is gin’n’tonic – but you do get to choose from like 50 different gins (pictured left)! p2Rooftops. I will never forget having (saffron)gin’n’tonics at the Barcelona AirBnb rooftop (pictured left), morning coffee at the Lisbon one and farewell dinner at the gorgeous Porto AirBnb terrace (pictured right). p5Sights. In a proper touristy fashion, some sighseeing must be done. As i’ve seen Sagrada Familia, La Rambla, Parc Guel, Belem tower and Sao Jorge castle  before i was way more impressed by Sintra (pictured right) and kind of dissapointed by Aveiro; which is described as Portugese Venice but it’s really just two canals; overpriced restaurants and too many tourists. Hint: gorgeous sunsets can be enjoyed for free in Barcelona’s Parc de guinardo, Lisbon’s Miroduro de Santa Catarina and Porto’s Quinta des virtudes (pictured left)!


Us time

DSC_1017 As my boyfriend’s demanding job requres him to travel a lot we don’t spend as much time together as we would like to, so we we’re super excited to take a weekend off and go have some fun. After contemplating going to the seaside we decided not to waste half of the time in a traffic jam and opted to drive in the opposite direction – towards the oldest Slovenian city of Ptuj and stayed at the beautiful Grand Hotel PrimusDSC_0986As we own a dog we couldn’t be happier about how welcome Linda was at the Grand Hotel Primus! I have to say that when we go on vacation we always try to take her with us but in Slovenia, the perception of dogs being noisy/drity/dangerous is still alive. However, in 2016, most dogs are housetrained, clean and well behaved so i’m really happy to see hotels like Grand Hotel Primus opening up their doors to our beloved pets. DSC_1061

At the Grand Hotel Primus, they put a lot of emphasis on healthy living and have even teamed up with a renowned nutricionist Mojca Cepuš to create balanced meals. DSC_1013We had plans to go wakeboarding at the Ptuj lake and my boyfriend wanted to go play golf at the nearby course but we had to change our plans due to bad weather and let me tell you, i was not even a little bit bothered to relax indoors and enjoy the sauna, spa treatments and a long massage! DSC_0975

The weekend was really perfect, just a little bit too short but at tleast we get to cherish the memories!

interior travel

Ljubljana’s cutest Airbnb properties

Lately i’ve read a couple of articles about how the Slovenian government can’t seem to figure out how to regulate/tax the AirBnb business but that doesn’t seem to stop people from renting out their properties through the site. I book through Airbnb every time i travel (yes, i much prefer it to a hotel – mostly for privacy reasons, personal touch and freedom that comes with it), main criteria for picking the property being it’s design, so today, i wanted to share the cutest AirBnb properties available in Ljubljana. In the last couple of years, the charming capital of Slovenia has become a touristy paradise, boasting with the beaufitul old town, cafes, restaurants, shops and events. I’m super glad i get to live here and enjoy everything the city has to offer and i really really recommend visiting so without further adue: here are a couple of Ljubljana’s cutest Aibnb properties you can choose to stay at:

The first beautiful and bright apartment is located in the old town, just a couple of minutes from the main square. It is renovated in a trendy fashion and boasts with youthful personality: airbnb3airbnb1airbnb2

The following studio is located in a historic villa; also in the old town and it has recently been completely renovated into a modern space with luxurious feel. It might measure only 40 square meters, but the thoughtful layout  makes it very functional and the light color scheme make it look bright: airbnb7 airbnb9airbnb8

History enthusiasts (and hipsters) will be excited to hear about a loft, located in an old tobacco factory; a couple of minutes of walking away from downtown. Designed by an architect, the space is very open and it combines the rought industrial feel with playful colorful details: airbnb5airbnb6airbnb4

The next property, called the Bello Ambassador, has also been completely renovated to offer an experience of a five star hotel at half the price. It was designed by an interior designer and it boasts with the best materials and brands: airbnb11airbnb10

Filip Apartment is located in an old house just below the castle hill and accomodates up to 6 people. It’s romantic vintage atmosphere sets a perfect backdrop for a relaxed vacation in the city: airbnb13airbnb12airbnb14