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Heat wave

 wearing: bik bok dress, blink slides, daniel wellington watch, random leather bag, ebay sunnies
It’s just too damn hot to wear anything else but cotton dresses (preferably white and with cutouts), slides and sunnies. I can’t wait till next week when i will finally be able to escape the city heat and do nothing but sit by the river and read! 


What no one tells you about lace up gladiator sandals

This season, lace up gladiator were every-where and after lusting over them i finally /against my better judgement/ decided to get a pair. Yes, i realize my legs are not those of toothpick proportions but i figured they would look cool peeking from underneath the slit maxi dresses.
wearing: asos lace up gladiators, vintage Grošelj bag, h&m dress, random sunnies
So yeah, that was the plan. I found a pair i really liked on Asos and they were even made of real leather so i went for it. And when they arrived the reality hit. What no one tells you about lace up gladiator sandals is that while they might look cool they are COMPLETELY USELESS. The strings start sliding down your legs after about 6 steps so you have to keep pulling them up and therefore can’t really walk. Below; you can see the result of me trying to walk from my apartment to my car (about 50 meters): 
So before buying your own pair i recommend thinking about your lifestyle – if you’re one of those people whose only job is to stand/sit and look pretty i say go for it but if’ you’re looking for a pair of stylish shoes for actual walking stay away from them! 
beauty fashion interior

Insta – life

Lately i’ve noticed Instragtam has started replacing the blogs and i think it’s because, let’s be honest; we all just want to look at the pretty pictures and not read the articles. So yeah, being a visual person, i LOVE Instagram and am way more active there than i am here. Check out @stajnernina for random snaps of my work, pet, food and outfits 🙂
fashion interior


Yesterday, we had the pleasure of witnessing a birth of a new brand, Susnyara and their first product; the Chairytale chair/desk. The wooden/plexi glass multipurpose object, shaped in a form of a Susnyara brand logo is a product of a collaboration between the designer Nina Šušnjara and Mömax Slovenia and it’s available upon request. I personally prefer it in the ‘desk’ position, but with some cushions the ‘chair’ version can surely be a comfortable and useful as well. Nina seems to be one of those designers who can easily translate her signature style from fashion to product design and i for one can’t wait to see what she’ll do next! 


All white / Vse v belem

wearing: zara shoes + trousers, michael kors selma bag, daniel wellington watch, random coat + necklace, sammydress shirt

 Kot sem morda že omenila, prihajam iz Velenja in naš največji lokalni nakupovalni center Velenjka je trenutno sredi dogodka ˝Vse v belem˝, za katerega so hodniki s pomočjo belih dekoracij spremenjeni v pravo pravljično deželo. Del dogodka je tudi privlačna nagradna igra, v kateri lahko sodelujete še vse do ponedeljka, 25.5; vse kar morate storiti je, da izberete svoj najljubši beli kotiček, se v njem fotografirate in sliko naložite na TO spletno stran.  
Sicer pa je pretekla sobota v Velenjki potekala v znamenju dih jemajočih artističnih atrakcij. Obiskovalce so tekom celega dne zabavali izjemni ulični umetniki na hoduljah, žonglerji, brazilski plesalci capoeire, izložbe trgovin pa so oživele s pomočjo plešočih balerin. 

Največja atrakcija dneva je bil ˝Let angelov˝, ples v zraku, ki ga italijanska artistična skupina sicer izvaja ob odprtju beneškega pustnega karnevala. 

Magična atmosfera dogodka je prevzela tako obiskovalce kot nastopajoče umetnike. ˝V Sloveniji nastopam prvič, zelo lepo ste nas sprejeli in veseli me, da lahko magične trike kontaktnega žongliranja predstavim tudi slovenski publiki, ˝ je bil nad gostoljubjem v Velenjki navdušen tudi slavni avstrijski žongler Albert Tröbinger. 

diy fashion

DIY :: distressed jeans

Yes, distressed jeans are one of the biggest spring trends; again. This trend has really been around for ages but it seems that these days rebellious teenagers are not the only ones rocking it. Finally, a distressed pair of jeans is appropriate for grownups as well! Hooooray! You can get them basically in any shop … or … search your closet for a forgotten pair that just needs some freshening up. 
All you’ll need for this simple diy is a pair of old jeans, sewing chalk, scissors and an old foot file.
The best way to decide where to cut the jeans is to put them on and use the fabric chalk to draw lines on desired places.
Then take the jeans off and start cutting. 
    After you’ve cut the fabric use the foot file to distress the material and make the cuts look ‘aged’.
See the diference between the ‘fresh’ and the ‘distressed’ cuts?
wearing: Replay espadrilles thanks to Mass, diy jeans, zara top, vintage necklace

                                                     And voila, i have a ‘new’ pair of jeans!