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Outfit :: winter uniform

wearing: Deichmann bag, Eber fur key chain, vintage jacket, zara jeans + shirt, asos boots and random sunnies

 It’s been about forever since i’ve last done an outfit post, but hey, better late than never! This winter, im really into thigh high boots, they really go with everything and keep me warm. Also, instead of my trusty giant satchel, i started wearing a small cross body bag.  It is super easy+light to carry yet i can fit pretty much everything i need on a daily basis in it. I got the one in the photos in Deichmann and i just love it. I’ve been a fan of their shoes (especially the ones made of real leather) for years now but this season they managed to surprise me by introduceing a collection of really nice /and affordable/ bags.


up-cycled Puppa Fashion

Today, i want to share a eco friendly, sustainable and fashionable brand of clothing called Puppa Fashion. As a vintage enthusiast i can totally relate to their concept of up-cycling ‘dead stock’ clothes into cool new pieces. Their company is located in Europe and all of their clothes are handmade by experienced seamstressed using a patchwork technicque to transform basic jeans and white t-shirts into intricate skirts, tops, jackets, shorts and accessories.
I had the pleasure of styling the photoshoot for their latest collection and wold like to use this opportuniy to thank Puppa Fashion for inviting me to be a part of their story and New Yorker for the clothes and accessories that complimented the statement Puppa pieces perfeclty. 


Clear vision

wearing: Firmoo glasses, h&m romper, asos earrings
I’ve been wearing glasses since i was seventeen; partly because of bad vision (it’s not particulary bad – i only really need them for driving, cinema and work) but also because i like how they make me look /smarter, haha/. I love wearing my trusty vintage frames but to spice things up i got a new pair, this time in tortoiseshell. They are light as a feather and i love how they don’t create red blotches on the bridge of my nose. As i do most shopping online these days i’m happy to say i was able to get these online too; at Firmoo, where i simply chose the frame i liked, typed in my prescription and voila, they were on their way. 
fashion interior

Inspiration love

Today, i just wanted to share some ideas im inlove!!! with at the moment and hope to somehow implement them into my life…………
This pink door proves that pink not only suitable for overly feminine girls nurseries /barf/. I’m thinking of ways how to make our home more girly but not overly so; as not to scare the boyfrined. Take a peek into the house behind the pink door for some serious envy 😉
I fully admit to falling in love with summer of 2015’s metallic tattoo trend. I’ve actually always wanted a proper tattoo but can’t bare the idea of fully committing to any design (or a man for that matter) for a lifetime so i love the idea of temporary ones. It also amazes me it took so long for someone to design really cool temporary tattoos
The nicest house in the world with a word hello spelled out on the facade! I love how a traditional/simple material such as bricks was used to create an intricate pattern with a humorous twist. 

Vintage Vikend se vrača!

Po nekaj mesecih (skoraj težko verjamem, da je bil zadnji Vintage Vikend lanskega novembra!) bomo na ‘popular demand’ obiskovalcev obudili vintage dogajanje ter v sodelovanju s Slovenskim etnografskim muzejem organizirali Nostalgično soboto. Juhej! 
Odvijala se bo prihodnjo soboto, 29.8.2015 med 10.00 in 18.00 uro na ploščadi pred SEMom na Metelkovi ulici 2. 

Da se bo čas na muzejski ploščadi odvrtel v romantično preteklost, bo poskrbela pestra ponudba oblačil, modnih dodatkov, nakita in dodatkov za dom iz druge roke, ki jih bodo na ogled postavili naslednji vintage ponudniki: Second hand boutique, Mellow Moose Station, Vintage Galerija, Gvant, Moje Tvoje, Vintage Getaway, Puppa Fashion, Rabljena Rwba, Muscovites Sky, Vintage Vikend, In-LIVING Style, retro diva Angie Snow pa bo delila prvovrstne stilske nasvete s svojega Slogbloga.

Tokratna Nostalgična sobota se bo odvijala v sklopu razstave Moda v gibanju, ki odstira pogled na italijansko modo med petdesetimi in devetdesetimi leti prejšnjega stoletja ter prikazuje slovenske modne utrinke tega časa.

Več informacij o dogodku je na voljo na Facebooku in iskreno upam, da nas boste; če boste v Ljubljani seveda, obiskali! 

diy fashion

DIY: banana leaf print shorts

As you might have noticed, i have a slight obsession with bana leaf print (here, here), so when i noticed h&m produced a couple of pieces with said print i sprinted into a nearest store. Sadly, most of them didn’t fit my body well but i decided to buy the culottes anyways. I totally realize this style of pants is ment to be worn by tall, stickfigured women so i knew i had to do something about it, i just couldnt decide what to transform them into. 
wearing: h&m culottes, asos top, parfois purse, zara heels, daniel wellington watch
After wearing them a couple of times i really loved the top part of the pants and it even fit perfecty so i just decided to shorten them. Since i’m a short girl I loooove wearing shorts; i pair them with flats for a daytime look and heels for night and never have to worry about showing my *private areas* when bending or dancing. 
 When shortening pants (or skirts) its best to pust them on first and pin them at the desired lenght. After doing that lay them onto a flat surface and, using fabric chalk, draw a line where you’re goona cut the fabric. Don’t forget to leave about 2cm allowance for the seam!
 Carefully cut the fabric…..
 All you have to do then is create a bottom hem so the shorts don’t fray…..
 You can do this without a sewing machine as well; it just might take you more than the 5 minutes it took me… and voila, culottes became shorts i’m surely gonna wear all summer long!
                                            wearing: h&m culottes, parfois purse, zara heels + top, daniel wellington watch