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December survival kit

dsc_0278aIt’s only December 5th and i’m already a bit tired from trying to balance all of the parties and a huge work load. Im at that stage of my life where it takes me a while to recover after a night of drinking so i have to party wisely if i plan on being able to get up the next day. Thanfully, i realized there is a way to survive December – by eating before drinking, choosing a good wine over a /cheap/ one and Vitamin Well – a tasty Swedish soda alternative that contains way less sugar, yet is packed with nutrients and vitamins. What i do is drink a Vitamin Well Reload before bedtime as it contains magnesium, zinc and vitamins. dsc_0311aThe morning after the party a good breakfast is absolutely vital. It’s best to forget about dieting and just eat what the body craves – for me it’s usually eggs with some melted cheese, preferably on an avocado toast. If my body aches from all the dancing i go for Vitamin Well Upgrade, as it’s B6 and B12 vitamins contribute to reduction of tiredness and fatigue while magnesium and vitamin D contribute to normal muscle function. dsc_0261Later on in the office, Vitamin Well Focus helps me stay awake and concentrate. I notcied that if i stick to this regime im ready to do it all over again by the time the evening roolls around so this December is about to get even crazier!


DIY :: re-newed vintage hat


The beginning of a new season usually means we start craving new additions to our wardrobes, but instead of heading straight for the high street why not start by checking what has been hiding in the back of the closet? Im certaing we all have real treasures hiding there… Yeah, the garments might not be very trendy at the very moment but surely with a little imagination and diy creativity most of them can be upgraded according to current fashion trends. See, i felt like getting a new hat for the summer but then i remembered i had this great vintage one that just needed a bit of love. All you really need for a project like this is a vintage hat, new ribbon, sciccors, pins and thread.DSC_0832The hat is in genereal very well (hand) made, but the ribbon was looking a bit ‘old’ so i decided to simply replace it. I contemplated using ribbon of a different color (maybe a white or a neon pink one?), but since my aesthetic is very minimalistic i decided on a boring black one. I started my project by removing the old ribbon, placing the new one in place with pins adn then sewing it onto the hat. DSC_0840All there was left to do was to tie a beautiful bow (i sewed that in place as well), cut the edges of the ribbon into a V shape and lightly burn the edges to set them in place. DSC_0850

30 minutes and 3 euros (i spent that on the ribbon) later i  im ready to enjoy the sun in style.


DIY :: Christmas cards

 As the year is ending there is no greater thing than making your loved ones feel special and appreciated. A way to do that (especially the out-of-towners, who you can’t hug in person) is to send personal greeting cards; and there is nothing more personal than a hand made card. Today, i want to share a really simple DIY idea anyone can recreate.

All you will need is paper (i chose simple white sheets), watercolors, a brush, some ribbon (i used a silver one but you can choose any other color), bits of artificial spruce branches and a hot glue gun.

 First, shape the little branches into a shape of a tiny wreath and use glue gun to attach it to the top center of your greeting card. Then, make a tiny bow using the ribbon and attach it to the bottom of the wreath.

 All you need to do after i use watercolors to write the holiday greeting underneath the tiny wreath. You can even use a pencil to outline the words and color them in later if you feel insecure using the brush.

 Voila, simple greeting cards are done; in like 10 minutes! You can write a personal wish inside; or slide in a seperate paper with a wish so the greeting card itself remains intact.

What kind of greeting cards will you be sending out this December?

diy interior

A peek into ˝Preprosto˝ magazine

 Like last year, my August was /again/ sprinked with Christmas spirit, thanks to Lidl and their invitation to contribute to their beautiful corporate magazine Preprosto. The new issue is even bigger, better and fulled with more beautiful photographs, recepies, diy ideas and articles, all original and created by super talented Slovenian authors. From today on it’s avaliable in all /Slovenian/ Lidl stores and having had the pleasure of already reading it i can only say that at a 1,49€ it’s really worh getting a copy!

For my article, I got to recreate a moment, captured in a vintage holiday photograph. I strived to achieve the same holiday atmosphere while modernising the details and infusing them with some 2015 energy. Making the ornaments, decorating the muffins and /re/creating a holiday setting was so much fun and i have to admit i’m happy with the outcome. Here i’m only sharing a little peak into my work process but in the magazine you can read all about the moment, captured in the original photo from 1957 and all about how to recreate the vintage holiday theme in the modern era. 
Again, i’d love to thank Tina Cipot and Nenad Senič for inviting me to be a part of this great project and Lesnina Slovenija for the props. 
diy interior

Changing door knobs / menjava ročajev

 Za stilsko osvežitev prostora mnogokrat ni potrebno zapravljati veliko denarja in menjati vsega pohištva. Novo vzdušje lahko ustvarijo tudi tako majhni detajli, kot so ročaji na vratih omar, ki jih lahko preprosto zamenjamo v nekaj minutah. Med obiskom Lesnine sem opazila pester izbor ročajev in tako se mi je porodila ideja za hiter projekt osvežitve hodnika.

 Omarice v hodniku sem bila že nekoliko naveličana in sem se tako odločila, da ji bom s kristalnimi ročaji dodala nekoliko glamurja.

Sama menjava je zelo preprosta, enostavno odvijemo stare ročaje in na vijake namestimo nove ter jih čvrsto pritrdimo s pomočjo izvijača.

Omarica je sedaj osvežena:

Sama sem sicer izbrala kristalne ročaje, v Lesnini pa so na voljo še mnogi različni slogi; od rustikalnih porcelanastih, pisanih, bakrenih in mnogih drugih. Za prav vsak okus se najde popoln ročaj in prav vsaka omarica bo vesela osvežitve! 


Power reading for dummies

Growing up in a household where i wasn’t allowed to watch television i’ve always loved reading but these days i barely find time to open a book. Apart from lacking the time i find it hard to focus so i’ve decided to do someting about it and took a power reading course at Kratos institute, which, in just one weekend improved my reading skills in a way i never imagined. 
When i started the course my reading speed was 280 words per minute a comprehension level of 53% and after a weekend of intensive practice i can now read at a speed of 670  words per minute with a 73% comprehension level. The tecnique of power reading they teach at Kratos applies to any kind of written texts; from novels to professional literature so i higjly reccomend taking the course to everyone – weather you have to finish reading material for your master thesis or just want to enjoy reading more horror stories!