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Changing door knobs / menjava ročajev

 Za stilsko osvežitev prostora mnogokrat ni potrebno zapravljati veliko denarja in menjati vsega pohištva. Novo vzdušje lahko ustvarijo tudi tako majhni detajli, kot so ročaji na vratih omar, ki jih lahko preprosto zamenjamo v nekaj minutah. Med obiskom Lesnine sem opazila pester izbor ročajev in tako se mi je porodila ideja za hiter projekt osvežitve hodnika.

 Omarice v hodniku sem bila že nekoliko naveličana in sem se tako odločila, da ji bom s kristalnimi ročaji dodala nekoliko glamurja.

Sama menjava je zelo preprosta, enostavno odvijemo stare ročaje in na vijake namestimo nove ter jih čvrsto pritrdimo s pomočjo izvijača.

Omarica je sedaj osvežena:

Sama sem sicer izbrala kristalne ročaje, v Lesnini pa so na voljo še mnogi različni slogi; od rustikalnih porcelanastih, pisanih, bakrenih in mnogih drugih. Za prav vsak okus se najde popoln ročaj in prav vsaka omarica bo vesela osvežitve! 


Power reading for dummies

Growing up in a household where i wasn’t allowed to watch television i’ve always loved reading but these days i barely find time to open a book. Apart from lacking the time i find it hard to focus so i’ve decided to do someting about it and took a power reading course at Kratos institute, which, in just one weekend improved my reading skills in a way i never imagined. 
When i started the course my reading speed was 280 words per minute a comprehension level of 53% and after a weekend of intensive practice i can now read at a speed of 670  words per minute with a 73% comprehension level. The tecnique of power reading they teach at Kratos applies to any kind of written texts; from novels to professional literature so i higjly reccomend taking the course to everyone – weather you have to finish reading material for your master thesis or just want to enjoy reading more horror stories! 


DIY: high low top

It’s been forever since i last took time to make a garment and last weekend’s bad weather finally gave me an excuse to stay indoors and make a high-low top i craved. I love tops that are longer in the back but don’t really like how baggy most of them are. That is why i decided on a minimalistic shape and basic color i’ll easily incorporate into my wardrobe.
It’s a really really easy diy, so if you have an hour you can spare you can make you own one! You’ll need some strechy fabric (i chose white one with lots of texture), scissors, pins, a top you love (for the pattern) and a sewing machine (i used an ovelock but you can use a regular one as well).

 First off, you’ll want to decide how long you want the front and the back of the top to be. after doing that, fold the fabric in half and place it on the floor. The easiest way to get the pattern is to use one of the top you already love and just copy the pattern off of that one.

 Cut the fabric according to the pattern (but remember to leave allowance for the seams) and sew the sides together. Yes, that is actually it! Seriously, all it took to make a top i’ll wear until it falls apart was was some leftover fabric and twenty minutes!

wearing: diy top, h&m flats, asos pants, daniel wellington watch, vintage glasses
diy fashion

DIY: banana leaf print shorts

As you might have noticed, i have a slight obsession with bana leaf print (here, here), so when i noticed h&m produced a couple of pieces with said print i sprinted into a nearest store. Sadly, most of them didn’t fit my body well but i decided to buy the culottes anyways. I totally realize this style of pants is ment to be worn by tall, stickfigured women so i knew i had to do something about it, i just couldnt decide what to transform them into. 
wearing: h&m culottes, asos top, parfois purse, zara heels, daniel wellington watch
After wearing them a couple of times i really loved the top part of the pants and it even fit perfecty so i just decided to shorten them. Since i’m a short girl I loooove wearing shorts; i pair them with flats for a daytime look and heels for night and never have to worry about showing my *private areas* when bending or dancing. 
 When shortening pants (or skirts) its best to pust them on first and pin them at the desired lenght. After doing that lay them onto a flat surface and, using fabric chalk, draw a line where you’re goona cut the fabric. Don’t forget to leave about 2cm allowance for the seam!
 Carefully cut the fabric…..
 All you have to do then is create a bottom hem so the shorts don’t fray…..
 You can do this without a sewing machine as well; it just might take you more than the 5 minutes it took me… and voila, culottes became shorts i’m surely gonna wear all summer long!
                                            wearing: h&m culottes, parfois purse, zara heels + top, daniel wellington watch

DIY :: white and gold table decorations

Summer is THE time for weddings and other events we want tables looking extra special special for. One way to go about that is to hire a florist and pay stupid amount of money for the flowers and other decor … or … do it yourself. 
All you need is some creativity, quite a lot of patinece, bottles, mason jars, glue, glitter and spray paint. I used recycled mason jars and bottles to create as much diversity as possible. Start by soaking the jars in boiling hot water so the labels come off….

Before spray painting make sure you cover the suroundings so the paint doesn’t get everywhere. Also, if you can, find an outdoor area to do this and try not to inhale any of the paint!

I decided on the white/gold theme and therefore used gold glitter and spray paint. Of course, any other colour would work great as well with white flowers. If you are using colorful flowers just make sure they don’t clash with the color of the vases.

After making your vases all you need to do is buy flowers. To get a good price visit wholesale shops and street markets right before they close for the day plus you can also try haggling. I chose all sorts of white flowers and the end result was quite spectacular. The vases were glittering evening sun and the flowers looked amazing so i’m really happy to share this simple diy idea with you all.

diy fashion

DIY :: distressed jeans

Yes, distressed jeans are one of the biggest spring trends; again. This trend has really been around for ages but it seems that these days rebellious teenagers are not the only ones rocking it. Finally, a distressed pair of jeans is appropriate for grownups as well! Hooooray! You can get them basically in any shop … or … search your closet for a forgotten pair that just needs some freshening up. 
All you’ll need for this simple diy is a pair of old jeans, sewing chalk, scissors and an old foot file.
The best way to decide where to cut the jeans is to put them on and use the fabric chalk to draw lines on desired places.
Then take the jeans off and start cutting. 
    After you’ve cut the fabric use the foot file to distress the material and make the cuts look ‘aged’.
See the diference between the ‘fresh’ and the ‘distressed’ cuts?
wearing: Replay espadrilles thanks to Mass, diy jeans, zara top, vintage necklace

                                                     And voila, i have a ‘new’ pair of jeans!