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    Even though Kitchy World technically isn’t a beauty blog every once in a while i feel like sharing some of my favourite products that help me look polished during my busy work days. I’m at that age when i don’t really feel like experimenting with make up anymore and am just happy with a bit of foundation, eyeliner, some lipckstick and a good mascara. A good mascara being the key ingredient. Now, it is true mother nature blessed me with long dark lashes but i still love to use layers upon layers of mascara. And not all mascaras are good; i should know; i tried most of them. 
Until recently i swore by the rule that if you want a good mascara you have to spent a little extra money (also, i hate buying them in drug stores; even new ones are usually dry and smell rancid). But then i came across this Planter’s Natural&Young one and i have been using it ever since. It’s texture is really thick so it covers the entire lenght of the lash and the brush seperates them well enough. Also, it’s COMPLETELY waterproof! On our recent bloggers trip i wore it to the pool and the sauna yet it didn’t smudge at all. It’s the first mascara i’ve ever owned that i can wear all day without any touch ups; however i recommend getting a good make up remover since it isn’t easy to remove in the evening 😉
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Roman Holiday pt.1

  For me, 2015 was definitely a year of ‘work hard party harder’ lifestyle and December was no different; filled with project and parties. By the time 2016 rolled around i felt exhausted, uninspired and /fat/ so i can’t tell you how happy i was to be able to put my life on hold for a couple of days and let myself be pampered by experts from Terme Ptuj (for reference just take a look at expresion of blissful happiness on my face).
 Having had the pleasure of visiting Terme Ptuj before, i already knew all about the beautiful interiors and welcoming atmosphere but i have to admit they surprised me with new treatments, entertainment and renewed, winter themed menu. This time, we got to enjoy their detox programme /stay tuned for a detailed blog post about this/, private spas and even got all dolled up by a make up artist. 
I got to enjoy this weekend with other beauty (Ajda+Katja)/fashion (Anela+Tesa+Anja)/travel (Katka)/health(Urša) bloggers and it’s really great to be able to spend time with just girls and talk about girly stuff; no construction details and budgets for tiling; just make up, clothes and instagram! 
Our ride was provided by Mecedes Benz and i was super excited to be able to try out the new C class T model. I was paired with Katka, who doesn’t really drive so i didn’t even have to share the wheel, ha! Gosh, i love driving in general, but no other car i have ever driven can compare to this one! The car is really spaceous yet easy to manouver, the drive super smooth and being a designer i have to apprecitale the beautiful shape as well. 
It’s super nice to be able to wake up an enjoy the view of ancinet Ptuj castle straight from the bed! 
We were happy to end our trip with a visit to beautiful Ribič restaurant, internationally famous for their seafood specialities. And even if you’re not really info seafood (like me), they will wow you with most delicious and beautifully presented food, amazing wines and homey vibe. Other bloggers were served lobster, which they all loved while I enjoyed the most tender beef steak with roast potatoes and vegetables. 
In najboljša novica za vas, dragi slovenski bralci in bralke: tudi vi se lahko greste razvajat v Grand Hotel Primus v Termah Ptuj! Vse kar morate storiti je, da kliknete SEM, oddate glas za svojo najljubšo blogerko in že boste v žrebanju za DETOX VIKEND ZA DVE OSEBI. Super, ne?

Giveaway :: Planter’s

First, i have to be honest and say that this is in no way a proper beauty/fashion blog but since i am afterall a woman and love all kitschy things (cue the name of the blog) i want to share a product i absolutely adore.
I first came across Planter’s repairing cream about two years ago and have been using it ever since. I LOVE the fact that it’s all natural, absorbes quickly and leaves my skin moisturized, but by far it’s best feature is that it can be used on face/body/hands so i don’t have to have three different creams lying around. Oh, and of course; it’s packed into the nicest bright containers ever! I admit owning three Planter’s creams – i keep one on my nightstand that i use before bedtime, one in my bag for daily use (and, yes, the pretty heart printed container gets a compliment every time i pull it out to moisturize my hands) and the third one is for one of you, my dear readers! 

Tomorrow, this blog will celebrate it’s 7th anniversary and i teamed up with Planter’s to share the joy and reward one lucky reader with a beautiful Natural&Young cream and a matching mascara! Hoooray, all you have to do to win is go to Kitchy World facebook page and follow the instructions there 🙂

Good luck! 

Light snacking

Lately i’ve been forced /by some mild health complications/ into leading a bit healtier lifestyle and i strive to stay away from grease, salt and sugar. I was searching for healthy snack i could eat without a guilty conscience and these Schneekoppe rice cakes really became a dalily habit. I like them best with a low fat cheese spread and my favourite vegetables like tomatoes, olives and avocado. I honestly say don’t miss bread/chips at all 😉

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Insta – life

Lately i’ve noticed Instragtam has started replacing the blogs and i think it’s because, let’s be honest; we all just want to look at the pretty pictures and not read the articles. So yeah, being a visual person, i LOVE Instagram and am way more active there than i am here. Check out @stajnernina for random snaps of my work, pet, food and outfits 🙂

Benefits of my morning carrot juice routine

Carrots. The bright orange root vegetable that makes think of Bugs Bunny. Joke aside, carrots are a rich source of nutrients and minerals so drinking carrot juice daily is a habit that everyone should start, as it is both healthy and tasty. I alternate drinking various vegetable/fruit juices around 20 minutes before eating my breakfast to help stimulate digestion and let me tell you, carrot juice is one of the better tasting ones! I used to make my juices myself but this Schneekoppe version is just so much easier to use.

As we all know, carrots contain vitamin A in the form of beta carotene and can considerably boost eye health. The liver converts beta-carotene into vitamin A and then this compound goes to the retina and becomes rhodopsin, a substance necessary to healthy night-vision. Aside from that, carrots are a high source of antioxidants that can help reduce your risk of various forms of temporary illnesses and serious chronic diseases. Higher intake of carrots also decreases the risk of cadriovascular disease, helps protect against cancer and the potassium present in carrot juice can reduce cholesterol levels. For those of you who like to party, the good new is that carrot juice cleanses and detoxifies the liver, so it’s a great ‘morning after’ drink to cure that awful hangover.

Especially for us ladies, drinking carrot juice is not only about our health but also about beauty benefits. Since it is high in essential oils, it helps prevent acne. The beta caroten helps reduce sunburn and increase the skin’s resistance towards sun damage. It also reduces cell degeneration and slows down the aging of the body by improving the amount of collagen in the skin and hence reducing the visible signs of aging like sagging skin and wrinkles so YAAAAY for carrots!!!