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Pink + Green

Glede na to, da je za barvo leta 2016 veljal odtenek rožnatega kremena, barva leta 2017 pa je živahno zelena ni nič čudnega, da je ena izmed najbolj popularnih kombinacij ravno zeleno-rožnata. Popularnost na prvi pogled nepričakovane kombinacija morda izvira iz legendarnega Beverly Hills hotela, ki se ponaša z notranjo opremo v tovrstnem slogu; združevanje rožnate in zelene pa je trenutno mogoče občudovati tako na področju mode kot interierja in lepote. Kultna fotografija Kate Moss pred slavnim Beverly Hills hotelom je bila posneta leta 1992 za revijo Vogue.
Pri oblikovanju interierja se lahko odločimo za rožnato zelene stene in talne obloge; ali pa izberemo manjše pohištvene kose v omenjenih barvah. S pomočjo barvnega premaza lahko obstoječ star pohištven kos osvežimo v trenutno najbolj vroč odtenek rožnate, zeleno pa v prostor vnesemo s pomočjo lončnic.Arhitekt Guillermo Santoma si je drznil stanovanje v Barceloni povsem odeti v kombinacijo rožnate in zelene. S to potezo ga je iz običajnega bivalnega prostora povzdignil v pravo umetnino.Če nismo dovolj drzni, da bi prebarvali celoten dom ga lahko popestrimo z zeleno rožnato sliko ali zanimivo sobno rastlino.
Priljubljena barvna kombinacija je preplavila tudi modni svet.
Kot se za linijo, ki se ponaša z imenom (Collistar) Natura spodobi, je tudi embalaža naravne prilagodljive kreme za nego obraza odeta v nežno zelen odtenek.  Krema je še posebno zabavna, saj ji poleg samostojne uporabe lahko primešamo različne sestavine ter tako dodamo željene ‘stranske učinke’ Sama krema je zasnovana na osnovi stevie in izvlečkov kvinoje in je polna vitaminov, mineralov in maščobnih kislin ter tako odlična izbira za dnevno nego. Po želji lahko kremi primešamo olivno olje(ki poskrbi za hranljivo nego), jogurt (ki pomiri opečeno kožo) ali med (ki počivi); s pomočjo sladkorja ali limone pa lahko kremo spremenimo celo v piling ali masko.

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Calvin Klein All

dsc_0836I’ve become a complete minimialist when it comes to beauty products. I love nothing more than a good basic foundation, liner, mascara and of course, an unmistakable scent like tne new Calvin Klein All. It’s a fresh unisex fragnance (and we know how much i love that), with citrusy oriental  notes and elegant white flask that is small enought to fit in any purse. Which is perfect since i’m sure my boyfriend is about to steal it all the time if i leave it on the vanity 😉


L’envol de Cartier love

dsc_0075This fall, men /and strong, confident women/ can finally enjoy  Cartier’s new fragnance; L’envol de Cartier. Designed by Cartier house parfumer Mathilde Laurent, L’envol eau de parfum is inspired by mythical amborosia of the gods of Olympus, believed to confer immortality. It’s robust, woody and nectar-like scent is unmistakably uplifting and inspires the wearer to reach greatness and success. The strog yet airy constrast of the scent can appeal to men as well as confident women who are looking for an active, non kitschy sweet perfume.dsc_0084What personally fascinates me about L’envol de Cartier is it’s gorgeous packaging, which is no ordinary bottle but a capsule, contained within a detachable glass dome. As Maison Cartier is world famous for their exquisite craftmanship, prestigious materials and iconic design, the bottle of course reflects all of those features in a timeless yet contemporary fashion. The design incorporates numerous techniques, encompassing traditional bottle making with the dome demonstrating Cartier’s glasswork expertise. The refillable capsule containing the precious scent can be detached from the dome and carried independently so L’envol de Cartier is perfect to either be displayed on the vanity or hidden in the cosmetic bag while traveling.dsc_0069* L’envol de Cartier bo na policah slovenskih parfumerij v različicah 50ml in 80 ml ter družbi deodoranta in gela za tuširanje na voljo že to jesen!


Kripa Venezia


As we  all know by now i’m not really the person to change my make up look – i do, however, love discovering new products that will allow me to create the look i love (fresh skin, natural shadow, cat eye, full brows, tons of mascara). Lately, i started paying more and more attention to the natural ingredients and lastingness of the products and that is how i came across the relatively new Italian brand called Kripa Venezia. Their focus is creating natural, vegan friendly and long lasting make up line and i had the pleasure of trying out their delicate shade bronzer. It’s light, soft, silky texture is perfect for the hot summer days as it provides that perfect tan look without having to wear much foundation. The soft Kripa professional brush makes it super easy to apply and i feel like it’s going to be my summer go-to make up product this year! 


Night beauty

A while ago, i had the pleasure of attending a lovely event where i got to know all about exquisite French skincare line Darphin. We all know no one ages more gracefully then French women and the proof of that was the event’s special guest, mrs Chantal Reeves, who has been working in the cosmetic industry for over thirty years. In the beautiful setting of Ikona department store, she shared her extensive knowledge of the products and applying techniques.  
The products are designed to only be used during the night as skin’s natural cellular activity is at its peak performance at that time so the perfect time to apply them is before bedtime. Every woman should really take that time and relax by gently masaging first the serum and then the oil into the skin. And after i’ve been using a combination of Darphin Exquisage revealing creme and essential oil nectar  for about a month i can confidently say that nightly skincare can be such a rewarding ritual after a hard day of work; just a couple of minutes of treating ourselves like queens we are! 


Beauty base


    Even though Kitchy World technically isn’t a beauty blog every once in a while i feel like sharing some of my favourite products that help me look polished during my busy work days. I’m at that age when i don’t really feel like experimenting with make up anymore and am just happy with a bit of foundation, eyeliner, some lipckstick and a good mascara. A good mascara being the key ingredient. Now, it is true mother nature blessed me with long dark lashes but i still love to use layers upon layers of mascara. And not all mascaras are good; i should know; i tried most of them. 
Until recently i swore by the rule that if you want a good mascara you have to spent a little extra money (also, i hate buying them in drug stores; even new ones are usually dry and smell rancid). But then i came across this Planter’s Natural&Young one and i have been using it ever since. It’s texture is really thick so it covers the entire lenght of the lash and the brush seperates them well enough. Also, it’s COMPLETELY waterproof! On our recent bloggers trip i wore it to the pool and the sauna yet it didn’t smudge at all. It’s the first mascara i’ve ever owned that i can wear all day without any touch ups; however i recommend getting a good make up remover since it isn’t easy to remove in the evening 😉