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Prosecco in Venice

dsc_1275As you may or may not know, im not the greatest fan of Venice. I know most people get ecstatic about visiting ‘the city of love‘ but crowds of tourists, pigeons and kitschy souvenirs just make me want to roll my eyes. In spite of that; i do visit Venice quite often, mostly to see the Bienale and during those visits i have managed to find neighbourhoods that have not been flooded by tourists and where one can still find that authentic feel of the city. In september, the girls wanted to experience the ‘real’ Venice so we set out to find those little /untouristy/ streets with /cheaper/ pizzas and enjoy some prosecco by the canals. Since dogs are so welcome eveywhere in Italy i even decided to bring Linda along and i think she enjoyed the trip as well.image-0-02-01-cb1777f5e54995c798791230c0fecaeeda293392cdc69529217af1f8f566ab4c-vdsc_1260image-0-02-01-a28912bcf01882b03ad6bd425b9fb673f727b2aef42db53710c97a0783495890-vdsc_1223image-0-02-01-78ba1568adc5ca6d25133a4aaafc5ae8d743a4858fc9e47929046183a516f9df-vdsc_1308


dose of architecture

 Prejšnji teden mi je po nekaj letih končno spet uspelo obiskati beneški arhitekturni bienale. Če so razstave v preteklosti bolj temeljile na doživetjih je letošnja ponujala več maket in doživetij preko multimedijev. V primeru da imate namen bienale obiskati tudi sami naj vam zaupam dve skrivnosti: najbolj zanimiv je ruski paviljon in en dan je za temeljit ogled absolutno premalo!