Masculine apartment

The renovation project i’m sharing today is really dear to me; partly because i got to work with pleople that are (or became during this project) very dear to me but also because of the warm, homey result. The client, a young businessman, had very clear ideas of what he wanted and how much he was willing to spend on the project but then pretty much left the execution of the renovation to me (well, and obviously to the construction team).The house in which the apartment is situated actually has a pretty interesting history. It is a remodeled one family house, situated at the end of developement of row houses built back in the early eighties. When i say remodeled i mean it was divided into student units with single bedrooms and shared tiny kithcen/bathroom. My client bought one such unit, located on the first floor. The unit had four separate entrances, three useless bedrooms, a miniature kitchen with a dining area and was not really suitable for a lifestyle a young businessman craves.My client really wanted a comfortable one bedroom apartment with a home office, open living area, walk in closet, big dining table and a (breakfast) bar so we first played with different spatial layouts. We removed as many of the deviding walls as possible while trying to make the best use of the space and still keep the renovation costs to a minimum.The winning layout turned out to be the one where the living and sleeping areas are separated by the entrance hall. It utilizes the space in the best way and even allows the ‘office’ area to become a separate bedroom if my client decides to one day start a family. The quadrature of the apartment is just under 60m2 so we had to be careful not to overcrowd the space and let it breathe. After the removal of the dividing walls we could feel the space become airier and brighter. Aesthetically, we were striving towards a masculine feel with rough sufraces, deep colours and industrial details while keeping the space feel bright, warm and inviting.
The bathroom is really, really small; plus it includes the washer and drier so all of the furniture is custom made to fit the particular demands of the space. The giant mirror and bright lighting make the space appear bigger while the ‘wood’ texture on the tiles adds warmth and quirky touch. The bedroom was another tricky space to furnish because of it’s small quadrature. We placed the plush upholstered bed next to the window to allow access on at least one side. To avoid the bed touching the radiator we placed a decorative cover with chevron pattern over it. Due to the fact that the living area is very long and narrow with windows on either side we placed the activities that require more natural light by the windows and used the space in the middle as the TV area.
The chevron pattern can be spotted all over the apartment. Here, we see it as a decorative wall covering in the hallway.
Another element my client was adamnt on having was a (breakfast) bar connecting the kitchen and the dining area so we decided to really emphasize it with a giant stage like lighting fixture. In this photo, there is an eyesore a trained eye may spot right away. Yes, the door doesn’t really go with the space (it’s supposed to be white); but the client decided to save some money and keep the original door for the time being.
My client really wanted a home that felt like a New York loft; which is kind of hard to achieve in a small real estate with low ceilings. We did however manage to capture the industrial feel; especially with the brick wall. Even though we knew choosing ‘brick’ print wallpaper would provide a similar effect (and save money) we wanted it to be really authentic so it is made of vintage bricks that we bought online, cut in half and applied to the wall. By ‘we’ i obviously mean my very patient construction workers. The dark vynil flooring nicely complements the brick wall while the metal furniture legs, vintage lightbulbs and decorative clock add industrial vibe to the space.The bedroom is separated from the rest of the apartment with a wardrobe which is big enough for my client to store all of his work clothes and sports gear. The dark colours give the space depth while the giant mirror makes it appear bigger.

Photos: Anže Vrabl

Asistant stylist: Eva Razložnik

Decor: Lesnina + Yankee Candle Slovenia


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