Postcard from Bled

If last week i was lusting over the newly renovated Hotel Golf Bled; this week i wanted to share some ideas on what to do while staying there. Bled might be Slovenias most famous tourist destination; but even as a Slovene i was amazed by all the different activities and unexpected breathtaking views i havent’t yet experienced during my previous visits.If you’re feeling adventurous after the nutricious breakfast one of the best ideas is to visit the nearby Straža hill and enjoy the adrenaline filled activity of tobogganing!

The view from my Hotel Golf suite could not be ignored.

Only a few kilometers from lake Bled, one can find two more breathtaking natural wonders: Vintgar Gorge and lake Kreda.
If you’re not really into nature; you can relax in the elegant Luisa Studio wellness; built around a natural thermal spring, which is used to fill the pool every moring. There are varous ways of reaching the Bled island, but the most traditional one is to take a ˝pletna˝boat. ˝Pletna˝ boats date back into the 16th cenutry and are still easily recognizable by their colorful textile awnings. Once on the island, you can visit the curch and ring the wishing bell. Or have a picninc. A must for all hiking enthusiasts  is to climb the hills around the lake! Even lazy people (like me) can do an early morning hike to Osjtrica and enjoy the sunrise.  The hike actually only takes about 20 minutes and the view is truly worth the hassle. But honestly, there is nothing better to do on vacation than to drink champagne and relax in a spa! In Živa Wellness, one can bathe in heated healing thermal mineral water or enjoy sauna, a masage or other beauty treatments.

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