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Since it’s opening in late 2015, Pentlja Concept Store has definitely cemented it’s reputation as the most fashionable store in Ljubljana for it’s diverse selection of clothing, jewelry, accessories and furniture. Apart from that, the store is now celebrated for design of the retail space as it’s designer -Urša Jazbinšek of Flash Arhitektura– has been awarded a prestigious A’Design Award in the ˝interior space and exhibition design˝category. Drawing the inspiration from the brand’s name Pentlja (meaning a bow), the main feature of the front facade is a cantilevered plexi glass roof that was designed to be covered by felt decorations. The roof decor was meant to be handmade by local artists and changed seasonaly according to current trends. The roof therefore combines architecture with fashion and communicates with customers in a way that is exposed, creative, special, custom-made and innovative. The interior of the store was designed to serve as a backdrop to all of the amazing products and let them shine in all of their glory.  The space itself is unexposed, discreet, minimalistic, “high tech” and functional – which is achieved with the use of white: both on the walls as well as on the entire interior furniture and the clever use of mirrors that optically enlarge the space and make it appear brighter. In Pentlja, pretty much every piece that is not attached to the floor or walls is for sale so apart from clothing clients can choose from a variety of antique or designer furniture and home accessories. The diverse offer of Pentlja Concept Store changes regurally according to hot new brands, market’s demands and trends so it’s always an interesting place to visit – one can always find something new to lust over! The owners also regurally host events which are beloved by local fashion enthusiats. After the above renderings of the interior design as was imagined by the architect, i wanted to share some photos of the store as it came to life -as expected- in all of it’s colorful, everchanging glory: Photos of the retail space: Urša Premik

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