Living Room Bar

Last year, i got the pleasure of working on remodeling an old bar in Ljubljana’s Šiška district industrial park. The owners came to me after choosing a name of the future bar, which was to be called a ‘Living room‘ so they wanted a cosy, relaxing space where patrons could unwind but it would also serve as a more classical bar type of an establishment. Another requirement was that the space could also be rented out for bigger events so we had to consider the option of movable furniture since the space would need to be emptied out. And of course: the budget was tiny. So this is what we were working with:

As the budget wouldn’t really allow for any major changes to the space we decided to strip it of all unnecessary decorative elements yet keep the funcitonal aspecst of the space (the bar, the suspensed celilings, the arch) and incorporate them into the new design. The main space is devided into the ‘bar’ area with heigh tables and stools, the ‘bistro’ area with dining tables and ‘lounge area’, furnished with a long custom bench that also serves as seating at the potential dancing events (when the tables are removed). The smaller space serves as the desired ‘living room’. It is filled with plush sofas and armchairs, a fireplace, bookshelves and a TV so it’s always full of loving costumers. The arch separating the two spaces is covered in a gorgeous copper wallpaper that emphasises the energy of the space. I proposed a trendy blue/copper color scheme and the owner fell in love with it. We added wood like laminate flooring for warmth (plus durability) and used the same material to cover the front of the bar. The back of the bar, we painted dark grey and added wooden shelving. We also kept the original lighting fixures in the ‘living room’ space; me and the owner just DIY covered them with printed fabric that matches the new color scheme of the space. At the end, we added tons of houseplants as they are a great decoration plus they keep the air clean(er). So, if you find yourself not knowing where to hang out (or host an event) in Ljubljana, ˝Dnevna soba˝might be a perfect spot! They serve delicious beverages (their ginger tea is to die for!), cocktails and snacks. Apart from the indoor seating there is also a terrace and the parking is always available which is a grat plus. Photos: Matic Kremžar


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