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GAO arhitekti Domzale 2017The suburban house, built about 20 years ago, was designed to serve a different lifestyle plus it reflected the worst 90ies era aesthetis so it’s only natural the owners were craving a renovation that would elevate their home to current taste and needs. They enlisted the help of Gao Arhitekti, a Ljubljana based architecture studio headed by Petra Zakrajšek. In collaboratin with Helena Bernik, Petra designed a modern home that unites minimalistic lines with luxurious accents and soft textiles. vozic_tlorisThe goal of the project was to connect the kitchen, dining area and media room into one coherent living area, which was achieved by installing a huge custom wall storage unit that spans though the entire space. It’s soft wood finish adds depth to the space. 1As the original window frames were not replaced yet they don’t go with the new look of the space the architects cleverly hid them with elegant sheer courtains.
GAO arhitekti Domzale 2017Another connecting element are these fun chrome lights that span from the kitchen into the dining area. 2The old fireplace was replaced by an interesting storage unit. GAO arhitekti Domzale 2017The master bathroom is a marble paradise. GAO arhitekti Domzale 2017

Color scheme is pretty basic and it includes soft whites and greys combined with wood finishes, dark details and luxurious accents. 5The guest bathroom was visually enlarged by a huge mirror.
GAO arhitekti Domzale 2017The owners wanted to keep their art collection so the architects found a way to incorporate it into the new design. 4The living area is now a relaxing yet elegant space where the owners can unwind.GAO arhitekti Domzale 2017The kitchen is minimal, clean and bright. GAO arhitekti Domzale 2017Interesting mirror detail in the guest bathroom.

Photos: Miran Kambič

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