The new ‘it’ material :: terrazzo

terrazzo5The marble trend might still be going strong but the world of design has already moved on to the next ‘big’ material:  terrazzo. The material best known to my Slovene readers as the floor texture of every public buliding built in the 1970ies. Because of it’s oldschool reputation it might be a bit hard to imagine, but terrazzo really is trending. It is a composite material made of marble, granite, glass or quartz parts poured into place (or precast in plates) with cement/resin binder. It’s known to be a very sturdy and durable yet low cost material in addition to being very visually interesting due to different colour and pattern options. It’s a perfect choice for floors, walls, kitchen bachsplashes but lately we’ve seen it being used as a table top, serving trey, lamp base and even just as a textile print. So, will you be switching your marble finishes for terrazzo ones?






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