kalvia-range-ikea-watercolour-splashback-patternYes, interior design styles might come and go but when you fall inlove with a certain trend it really doesn’t matter whether it’s staying in style or not.  Accordingly, the first time i saw Ikea’s aquarelle inspired cabinet fronts and kitchen backsplash  it was definitely love at first sight. The soft amorphe lines, different shades of blue/gray made me think of melancholic rorschach paintings. As the ‘Kalvia‘ door panels come in different sizes, they can be fitted onto generic Ikea cabinets, which means the kitchen can be completaly visually transformed for a relatively small amount of money.478f8ca6831e4a08423327658e24d273If you still don’t feel like fully comitting; you could always buy just a couple of door planels and use themas paintings. Another great option is the ‘Lysekil‘ backspash, which is really affordable and easy to replace. ef3753361da9b3e9ae41048014b68e86

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