Guest interior :: Orang+utan bar Kiev

6нI’ve always been fascinated by unique interiors, created with a surprising use of simple, accessible and cheap materials. One of the best examples of such interiors has got to be Orang+Utan cafe in Kiev, Ukraine. The older costumers can connect to the space by remembering the soviet times when this style of tiles was the the only one available and the younger crowd can appreciate the cool modern vibe. Created by AKZ Architectura, Orang+Utan is supposed to represent an urban jungle,  a place where people as smart animals can refill their energy. All of the walls as well as the ceiling are covered with simple white tiles while the dark grout gives the space a really interesting graphic appeal. Diners can enjoy a vegetarian meal by the long table, illuminated by a neon sign spelling out the establishment’s name. Surprisingly, the most interesting space seem so be the restroom, which is overgrown with lush tropical plants. 4н183.1105н

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