Holiday (Gin Masters based) cocktails

dsc_0433Now that the polite ‘family’ oriented part of the holidays is over we can finally focus on hanging out with friends and getting tipsy… In the spirit of helping you host the best (new years eve?) party ever i’m about to share some of my favourite gin based cocktail recepies that will surely impress your guests!dsc_0420If you have ever met me in real life you probably know i’m a big gin’n’tonic enthustiast and even a co-funder of a local gin club. It comes to no surprise my club got super excited to sample Gin Masters –  the winner of the ˝Best Gin In The World˝ at the 2015 World Spirits Competition in San Francisco. Even just by smelling the open bottle, the scent of juniper with hints of coriander and cardamom is almost overwhelming. The taste is rich, but can be easily altered with different garnishes (look below for recepies). As all gin’n’tonic fans know, the taste and quality of tonic plays equally important role as the gin itself. The bitter-ish taste of  Gin Masters is greatly emphasised by MG Tonica tonic, which tastes less sweet and more citrusy than generic tonic brands. dsc_0364Gin’n’tonic might be a staple summer drink because of it’s freshness but it can easily become a holiday favourite by adding a splash of fresh orange juice, cloves or even some cinnamon on top. dsc_0380Out of all gin cocktails, the cranberry/thyme one looks the most festive one so it’s a great choice for (New Years) parties. Use a small pan to boil a cup of water, a cup of sugar, a handful of cranberries and some fresh thyme. Let it cool down, then mix it with lime juice (half of a lime) and a splash of cranberry juice. Pour the mixuture into a glass filled with ice, add Gin Masters to your taste and top it up with MG Tonica tonic water. Yum!dsc_0330One of the most known gin’n’tonic versions must be the rosemary cucumber one. It’s super refreshing and easy to make; all you have to do is place a couple of cucumber slices in a glass, gently grind them with a fork, add some ice,  a small rosemary branch and gin/tonic combo to your taste.
dsc_0441Keep the food you serve with your gin’n’tonics simple. Just buy some cheese, vegetables, bread sticks, and dried fruits. The food looks best served in pretty crystal or porcelain bowls/plates.

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