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alterna-hi-res_od-anje-6_bkIn the last years, Ljubljana has become a very vibrant city with new shops, bars and restaurants opening almost every week, most of them having two things in common: they are located in the historical center and have a ‘hip industrial’ interior design style. Thanfully, the newest new place has neither of those features. Boschtiz is a restobar (a cross between a bar and a restaurant, get it?), located in the industrial park on the outskirt of the city  and it boasts with a unique collage of custom, vintage and designer furniture. alterna-hi-res-4Designed by Vidic Grohar (Anja Vidic, Jure Grohar) and PPlus architects (Primož Boršič) it’s a proof that even cold, impresonal industrial building can be changed into a cool space with a homey vibe. The architects first stripped the office space of all the unnecessary elements like plastic windows, partition walls and dropped celilings to expose the original architectural features such as beamed concrete ceiling and brick walls. The whole space was unified by a coat of white paint, which emphasizes the textures and serves as a backdrop for the colorful furniture. alterna-hi-res-3Furniture is a eclectic mix of custom pieces designed by the architects, upcycled vintage pieces and designer furniture.

The parking lot in front of Boschtiz has also been transformed into a green oasis with transparent pavilions, made of elegant perforated metal screens. alterna-hi-res_od-anje-2

A proof that a vintage Rex chair looks great paired with a modern Hay lounge chair and a custom fireplace. alterna-hi-res-5The restroom design takes inspiration from a city square – a place where people are expected to meet and interact. The custom wasbasin in the common area resembles a fountain while the plywood stalls offer more privacy. alterna-hi-res_p-1_bkThe main feature of the space is a custom bar, made of southamerican pine plywood. It’s design connects histroical architectural elements with human ergonomics (and it personally remins me of Giorgio de Chirico‘s paintings).

P.s. This post might mostly be focused on the interior but let me assure you that Boschtiz offers delicious food, daily offers AND it boasts with the biggest seleciton of rums in Ljubljana so it’s really worth a visit!

Photos by Anja Vidic and Primož Boršič. 

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