December survival kit

dsc_0278aIt’s only December 5th and i’m already a bit tired from trying to balance all of the parties and a huge work load. Im at that stage of my life where it takes me a while to recover after a night of drinking so i have to party wisely if i plan on being able to get up the next day. Thanfully, i realized there is a way to survive December – by eating before drinking, choosing a good wine over a /cheap/ one and Vitamin Well – a tasty Swedish soda alternative that contains way less sugar, yet is packed with nutrients and vitamins. What i do is drink a Vitamin Well Reload before bedtime as it contains magnesium, zinc and vitamins. dsc_0311aThe morning after the party a good breakfast is absolutely vital. It’s best to forget about dieting and just eat what the body craves – for me it’s usually eggs with some melted cheese, preferably on an avocado toast. If my body aches from all the dancing i go for Vitamin Well Upgrade, as it’s B6 and B12 vitamins contribute to reduction of tiredness and fatigue while magnesium and vitamin D contribute to normal muscle function. dsc_0261Later on in the office, Vitamin Well Focus helps me stay awake and concentrate. I notcied that if i stick to this regime im ready to do it all over again by the time the evening roolls around so this December is about to get even crazier!

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