Smart space saving tips with Bo Concept

As the avarage European home tends to be on the petite size i think ideas for furnishing small spaces are always welcome. So when a prominent brand Bo Concept asked me to contribute a couple of space saving tips i gladly accepted the challenge: boconcept3When designing a small space it’s very important to utilize every possible surface and that is why i like to take the  height of the space into consideration. If the ceiling is high enough, installing a loft bed can be a great idea; if not, the entire height of the space can be used for shelves and storage units. Keep in mind that declutered space appears bigger so closed storage is a great option.boconcept1Multipurpose furniture pieces are another great way of saving valuable space. When choosing furniture for small spaces go for timeless yet practical pieces that don’t overcrowd the space and always remember to take accurate measurements!boconcept2In case you crave some more ideas i kindly invite you to click HERE to read the advice of other leading interior design bloggers.

Photos: Bo Concept


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