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dsc_0196When i was in high school i used to own a Motorola flip phone (oh, sooo cool, i know!) but later on we all kind of forgor about the brand, which has recently (after being taken over by Lenovo) rebranded itself as Motorola Mobility and issued a Moto Z family of smartphones that cater to all different types of users. I’m now a lucky owner of the Moto Play Z model which is great for my needs and i’ll try to explain why….dsc_0144I’d love to go into details about the technical specifications but i could never understand any of those so i’ll just say thah my Instagram game got way better since i got it thanks to it’s awesome camera (the front camera is also great – it even has a flash, which comes in really handy when taking a night time selfie). Now imagine if i splurged on the Moto Mod Hasselbrand True Zoom lens attachment! I guess that purchase would allow me to stop carrying my heavy dslr camera to furniture salons/construction sites which would be great…
dsc_0178Anyways, Moto Z Play is a perfect phone choice fo users who appreciate a useful phone with a long lasting (and fast charging) battery, a big screen that is perfect for writing emails and (i can’t emphasise this enough!) a good camera!

P.s. in case you, my dear readers, are interested in specifications (and can understand them) feel free to read them HERE!

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    November 29, 2016 at 5:52 pm

    Wow super!! Po samovzigajocih Samsungih je zanesljiv telefon prava osvezitev. Osebno se mo najboljse slisi “fast charging battery” – moj telefon se polni debelo uro ali vec!!

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      Nina Stajner
      December 7, 2016 at 2:36 pm

      Ja, res je velika sprememba po letih Samsungov ampak sem res vedno bolj navdušena 🙂

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