Picnic in a tree

image-0-02-01-84328aa754afc000924ec93ef19937c8e9d715bebb80c465a40ab36e31a9cae5-vIn september, me and the girls decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and escape the city to enjoy a picnic in nature – and by nature i literally mean a treetop.  Located next to a gourgeous meadow, Experience treetops platforms offer breathtaking views of surrounding hills while guests can choose from just having a picnic or even spending the night on a hanging bed. It’s a perfect spot so celebrate a romantic anniversary, spend a lazy afernoon reading a book or organize an active birthday party at the adjoining adventure park. Guests are treated to a picninc basket, filled with homegrown and locally produced goodies and even though we still got to enjoy the ‘summer’ version of the picninc i can imagine an autum one with roasted chestnuts (yes, there are a couple fo fire pits on the property) and apple cider could be just as amazing! image-0-02-01-885a0ae0e162bd41d7595afc35b40301dc0bfe0d6b09e5989b5e80d134883191-vdsc_1151image-0-02-01-5e28bbf90f22bc545ce0f6ef175f279b2c065aaba5bf74d044140760b42a89e7-vdsc_1175image-0-02-01-79309ae563abd8639f51e33eaa680c5e14982c823cc7b7bfca0bd6682b1efe0a-v

Most photos were taken by Valentina Jarc

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