L’envol de Cartier love

dsc_0075This fall, men /and strong, confident women/ can finally enjoy  Cartier’s new fragnance; L’envol de Cartier. Designed by Cartier house parfumer Mathilde Laurent, L’envol eau de parfum is inspired by mythical amborosia of the gods of Olympus, believed to confer immortality. It’s robust, woody and nectar-like scent is unmistakably uplifting and inspires the wearer to reach greatness and success. The strog yet airy constrast of the scent can appeal to men as well as confident women who are looking for an active, non kitschy sweet perfume.dsc_0084What personally fascinates me about L’envol de Cartier is it’s gorgeous packaging, which is no ordinary bottle but a capsule, contained within a detachable glass dome. As Maison Cartier is world famous for their exquisite craftmanship, prestigious materials and iconic design, the bottle of course reflects all of those features in a timeless yet contemporary fashion. The design incorporates numerous techniques, encompassing traditional bottle making with the dome demonstrating Cartier’s glasswork expertise. The refillable capsule containing the precious scent can be detached from the dome and carried independently so L’envol de Cartier is perfect to either be displayed on the vanity or hidden in the cosmetic bag while traveling.dsc_0069* L’envol de Cartier bo na policah slovenskih parfumerij v različicah 50ml in 80 ml ter družbi deodoranta in gela za tuširanje na voljo že to jesen!

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