Colorful Nordic apartment

dsc_0890_2mIf you follow my social media profiles you might have noticed hints of this wonderful apartment i designed recently and today, i can finally reveal it in all it’s glory. The owners, a wonderful young family, wanted a vacation apartment (that they could also rent out) in Slovenia’s most famous ski resort of Kranjska Gora. After searching for the perfect property they decided to buy a two bedroom apartment with a typical 1980ies vibe. Honestly, one needs quite a lot of imagination to see the potential in the space just as it was; but brave people they are they decided to invest in this:unnamed-3unnamed-13unnamed-5unnamed-11unnamed-12Floorplan wise, there was not much we could do due to the fact that the rooms are not all that spacious… what we could do it completely change the feel of the apartment by striping it clean of all of the old furnishings and finishes. Since all of the windows face the north there is not much natural light coming in one of the main goals was to make the apartment brighter , fresh and youthful. The owners gravitate towards vintage nordic aesthetic plus they are really keen on bright colors so we wanted so incorporate their wishes while keeping the design cohesive. tloris-stanovanjamThe end result is an apartment that boasts with happy, positive energy and reflects it’s owners youtful energy. We tried to keep the base color palete light grey and add colorful accents through out the apartment. The wood vinyl flooring and custom wooden furniture add that much needed warmth to the space while vintage accessories give it that nostalgic feel.
dsc_0788_2aAfter installing graphic tiles, custom shower screen, tiny washing machine, good lighting and bright accessories, the bathroom doesn’t seem so small and boring anymore.  The ‘kids’ bedroom is so small we could barely fit two beds in it. To add a color pop we painted an Ikea chest of drawers bright orange and used vintage skis as hangers. dsc_0822_2mWe loved the vintage wardrobe in the master bedroom so much we decided to keep and ‘upcycle’ it  with some white paint, graphic wallpaper and neon door knobs. To make the room seem as big as possible we kept the walls white and added colorful accessories, texitels and photos. dsc_0864_2mThe main feature of the living room is definitely the fireplace, around which we arranged seating and dining areas. dsc_0897_2aPrior to the renovation, the hallway was really dark and small yet it had the same gorgeous wardrobe as the bedroom. We decided to keep and ‘upcycle’ half of the wardrobe while removing the other half to create an alcove where guests can hang their jackets on the cool vintage skis/hangers. The grey tone of the kitchen cabinets is balanced by the bright chairs and custom graphic bench.
dsc_0917_2mThe vintage armchair is of sentimental value to the family so we had it upholstered in bright orange fabric to match the new apartment; which offers a romatic view of the nearby forest. dsc_0840_2mAnd the best news? The apartment is acutually available for rent via Airbnb or Booking  so i suggest making a reservation before it gets too popular 😉

I’d love to thank Tine and Anja for inviting me to be a part of this project.  Anže Vrabl for taking such gorgeous photos and Formadoma + Lesnina for providing the beautiful accessories.

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    October 28, 2016 at 11:44 am

    Nina! Three words: I LOVE IT! Noro lepo, res, čudovito! Takoj bi šla za par dni!

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    October 31, 2016 at 11:53 am

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    Nina Stajner
    November 2, 2016 at 10:11 am

    Najlepša hvala, Maruša 🙂 in ja, lahko greš za par dni, če imajo le prost termin 😉

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