Vintage Vacation

DSC_1442Last year, i met this awesome girl, who told me her father collects traditional houses. Yes, you read that right, houses. When he sees an old house he likes he buys it; disassembles it, transport it on to his idilic property via a helicopter and reassembles/restores it. He’s been doing it for about thirty years and as far as hobbies go, this must be the most interesting one i’ve ever heard of. Of course, i HAD to see the houses in person and i’m ecstatic to be able to share them with you, my dear readers. The best new is that the daugher recently decided to turn the houses into vacation apartments. DSC_1329I stayed at the Vintage Vacation twice by now and i can not get enough of the peaceful energy that surrounds the place. Guests are welcomed by the owners and shown around the property (great for learning about traditional Slovene architecture). There is no wifi (except for at the main house), but a gift basket of delicious homemade/homegrown food is waiting for you as u walk into the apartment. Guests can relax and enjoy the peace or go hiking (the place is literally surrounded by mountains), biking or rafting at the gorgeous Savinja river. DSC_1379Amoung the houses there is a small chapel and it looks like a perfect wedding location! DSC_1510One of the houses serves as a museum where guests can learn about the way people used to live. DSC_1564Vintage Vacation is filled with love for nature and history. DSC_1365The small hut in the woods will soon be available for rent and i already know i’ll be going there as soon as possible!

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