Meeting Gina

gina_blackIn the last couple of years, people seem to have gotten really particualr about the coffee  they drink. From the origin of the beans, the roasting proccess, the manner of preparation all to way to the coffee/milk/foam ratio and doodles on top; everyone has got ‘their’ favourite type of the delicious drink. And not only that; in 2016, it’s also about the coffee machine and the mug one driks the coffee out of. And here is where Goat Story team comes in. After the success of the widely popular Goat Mug in 2014; this year they are introducing a smart coffee instrument called Gina. app-controlEssentially, Gina is a pour over coffee maker with intergrated scale and smart phone app that guides the user through the proccess of making a perfect cup of coffee. Different techiques of coffee preparation such as pour-over, cold-drip and immersion can be applied; and the delicious masterpieces can be shared with other coffee enthusiasts via the app. gina_whiteApart from it’s funcionality; Gina is also very pretty. Designed by a renowned Slovenian designer Luka Pirnat, it combines carefully selected high quality materials such as ceramics, stainless steel and hand blown glass. The design is just calling for it to be displayed on cool kitchen counters and hipster bars all over the world and as soon as this fall; Gina will be avaliable via Kickstarter for mere 140 dollars!

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    October 7, 2016 at 7:39 am

    Nice ? Hvala Nina za lepo objavo ?

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