Abandoned plants sanctuary


Recently, houseplants became a really trendy decor element and people starting filling their homes with trendy plants like ficuses, succulents and ferns. The tricky part about using plants as decor is the fact that they actually demand love and care which seems a difficult thing for some owners to provide. Also, pleople only seem to want to buy lush, fully grown and perfect plants so the poor imperfect ones get thrown away /by flower shops or dissapointed owners/ on a daily basis. On the other hand, as houseplants gained popularity, their prices rose through the roof so not anyone can afford the new ‘it’ plant. And this is where the sanctuary for abandoned plants comes in. It’s a non profit organization that focuses on rescuing abandoned plants in urban areas and giving them a new life. Aspiring owners can adopt plants by visiting their FB page or one of their branches in Ljubljana or Berlin and signing an adoption agreement. It’s really wonderful to see how the plants they rescued from a sure demise are flourishing in their new homes and at this very moment i’m heading out to adopt one of the plants for myself…




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