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Ljubljana’s cutest Airbnb properties

Lately i’ve read a couple of articles about how the Slovenian government can’t seem to figure out how to regulate/tax the AirBnb business but that doesn’t seem to stop people from renting out their properties through the site. I book through Airbnb every time i travel (yes, i much prefer it to a hotel – mostly for privacy reasons, personal touch and freedom that comes with it), main criteria for picking the property being it’s design, so today, i wanted to share the cutest AirBnb properties available in Ljubljana. In the last couple of years, the charming capital of Slovenia has become a touristy paradise, boasting with the beaufitul old town, cafes, restaurants, shops and events. I’m super glad i get to live here and enjoy everything the city has to offer and i really really recommend visiting so without further adue: here are a couple of Ljubljana’s cutest Aibnb properties you can choose to stay at:

The first beautiful and bright apartment is located in the old town, just a couple of minutes from the main square. It is renovated in a trendy fashion and boasts with youthful personality: airbnb3airbnb1airbnb2

The following studio is located in a historic villa; also in the old town and it has recently been completely renovated into a modern space with luxurious feel. It might measure only 40 square meters, but the thoughtful layout  makes it very functional and the light color scheme make it look bright: airbnb7 airbnb9airbnb8

History enthusiasts (and hipsters) will be excited to hear about a loft, located in an old tobacco factory; a couple of minutes of walking away from downtown. Designed by an architect, the space is very open and it combines the rought industrial feel with playful colorful details: airbnb5airbnb6airbnb4

The next property, called the Bello Ambassador, has also been completely renovated to offer an experience of a five star hotel at half the price. It was designed by an interior designer and it boasts with the best materials and brands: airbnb11airbnb10

Filip Apartment is located in an old house just below the castle hill and accomodates up to 6 people. It’s romantic vintage atmosphere sets a perfect backdrop for a relaxed vacation in the city: airbnb13airbnb12airbnb14

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