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DSC_1017 As my boyfriend’s demanding job requres him to travel a lot we don’t spend as much time together as we would like to, so we we’re super excited to take a weekend off and go have some fun. After contemplating going to the seaside we decided not to waste half of the time in a traffic jam and opted to drive in the opposite direction – towards the oldest Slovenian city of Ptuj and stayed at the beautiful Grand Hotel PrimusDSC_0986As we own a dog we couldn’t be happier about how welcome Linda was at the Grand Hotel Primus! I have to say that when we go on vacation we always try to take her with us but in Slovenia, the perception of dogs being noisy/drity/dangerous is still alive. However, in 2016, most dogs are housetrained, clean and well behaved so i’m really happy to see hotels like Grand Hotel Primus opening up their doors to our beloved pets. DSC_1061

At the Grand Hotel Primus, they put a lot of emphasis on healthy living and have even teamed up with a renowned nutricionist Mojca Cepuš to create balanced meals. DSC_1013We had plans to go wakeboarding at the Ptuj lake and my boyfriend wanted to go play golf at the nearby course but we had to change our plans due to bad weather and let me tell you, i was not even a little bit bothered to relax indoors and enjoy the sauna, spa treatments and a long massage! DSC_0975

The weekend was really perfect, just a little bit too short but at tleast we get to cherish the memories!

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