radegunda1Today, my day was made by the postman, who deliveded the fresh issue of Radegunda magazine. It’s the most beautifuly designed culinary magazine i’ve ever encountered, featuring yummy recepies, gorgeous (!) photos and interesting articles. But i was even more excited to flip through the new issue – and it’s all because one of ‘my’ kitchens is published in it. I’m kindly inviting all of you, my dear Slovenian /speaking/ readers to get a copy and enjoy the entire content of the magazine, but here i’m just posting a little peak into it and my project….radegunda2This is one of my recent projects, a kitchen that is a pa part of an apartment i designed for a young couple. We started the project by discussing their way of life and aesthetic priorities. As devoted minimalists they desired their kitchen to have clean lines, neutral tones and to serve as a backdrop for lively social activities.kuhinje1Initially, they thought they wanted a U shaped kitchen but after playing around with different layouts we realized that it didn’t ensure a good flow of the space and chose a layout featuring a kitchen island. Radegunda6Realisation of the kitchen island was a bit more difficult due to the fact that electricity had to be installed but in the end it was well worth the effort.kuhinjaThe kitchen island is elongated into a huge dark wooden table, which quickly became the main attraction – at parties, people gather by the island and children love to run around it. Radegunda7The space is filled only with elements that truly need to be there for their function. That fact keeps the kitchen looking spaceous and airy, plus it emphasizes the gorgeous view. The materials we used reflect the building itself and combine the roughness of the concrete and metal with the softness of the wood. radegunda3The whiteness of the kitchen elements by the white wall make the dark kitchen island and the wooden table really stand out. In an aspiration for the minimalistic look even the kitchen backdrop is barely visible – it consists only of a white waterproof paint coating. The kitchen elements placed opposite to the window are painted gray to reflect the perforated metal screens. Radegunda5Even the lighting fixtures are very minimal and instead of being considered aesthetic elements themselves serve as sources of light that is directed onto the surfaces where light is needed. Radegunda4Here, i would love to thank Elvira and Matej for trusting me to design their home, Mateja for inviting me to be a part of an amazing Radegunda magazine, Lesnina for lending the beautiful decor and Mankica for taking such gorgeus photos!

Photos of the interior: Mankica Kranjec for Radegunda.

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