Guest interior :: Passero Chocholaterie

We all know how much i love a thoughtfully renovated old building like the Passero farmers shop and chocholaterie. The story of Passero is one of those of those romantic ones that stars a beautiful young couple taking over a historic family farm and infuse it with modern energy.
The space used to be a stable and the renovation has been done with respect for the traditional architecture. The new shop combines the original features like the arched ceilings and with modern aditions, all done in muted natural shades and localy courced materials like clay for example.
If you happen to be in the region of Prekmurje it’s really worth stopping by and buying some of their famous chocolates, or choose from the wide range of wines, dry meats, pumpkin oils and other delicious treats that are all produced on their farm.
In preden pozabim… tudi za vas, dragi bralci, imam veselo novico in sicer; da lahko s klikom SEM in oddanim glasom za najljubšo blogerko osvojite vikend paket za dve osebi v Grand hotelu Primus na Ptuju! 

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