DIY :: re-newed vintage hat


The beginning of a new season usually means we start craving new additions to our wardrobes, but instead of heading straight for the high street why not start by checking what has been hiding in the back of the closet? Im certaing we all have real treasures hiding there… Yeah, the garments might not be very trendy at the very moment but surely with a little imagination and diy creativity most of them can be upgraded according to current fashion trends. See, i felt like getting a new hat for the summer but then i remembered i had this great vintage one that just needed a bit of love. All you really need for a project like this is a vintage hat, new ribbon, sciccors, pins and thread.DSC_0832The hat is in genereal very well (hand) made, but the ribbon was looking a bit ‘old’ so i decided to simply replace it. I contemplated using ribbon of a different color (maybe a white or a neon pink one?), but since my aesthetic is very minimalistic i decided on a boring black one. I started my project by removing the old ribbon, placing the new one in place with pins adn then sewing it onto the hat. DSC_0840All there was left to do was to tie a beautiful bow (i sewed that in place as well), cut the edges of the ribbon into a V shape and lightly burn the edges to set them in place. DSC_0850

30 minutes and 3 euros (i spent that on the ribbon) later i  im ready to enjoy the sun in style.

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