Weekend getaway :: Ptuj

PtujNow, this was in no way my first time visiting Ptuj, so i’m really fascinated by the fact that the oldest city in Slovenia always suprises with new activities and places to see. There are two things that never change though: the first one is the fact that the locals are the nicest and most welcoming people you’ll ever meet and the second one is the staying at Grand Hotel Primus is always a wonderful experince!DSC_0524One of the best activities to do while visiting Ptuj is a wine tasting at Kobal Wines. Situated in Ptuj’s oldest house it offers a great variety of the famed intoxicating drink to try from and combined with the owner’s extensive knowledge and passion for wine it’s an experince you’ll not want to miss. DSC_0536

DSC_0502The Ptuj Golf course is one of the most picturesque ones in the area and really worth visiting even if you’re not a licenced golfer – in that case you can try playing footgolf. Yes, footgolf! It’s a new sport that combines football /soccer/ with golf and can be played by basically anyone. Like golf, footgolf also has a dresscode of sneakers, knee-high socks, shorts or short skirts, polo shirts and flat hats plus you even get to drive a golf cart!
DSC_0512Ptuj is known to be the oldest town in Slovenia, it dates all the way back to the Roman times and is a real paradise for history and architecture enthusiasts. Foodies will also enjoy Ptuj and it’s culinary treats like the dessert we enjoyed at Grand Hotel Primus….DSC_0598Another great thing about our weekend getaway was the fact that i got try out Renault’s upcomingTalisman Initiale Paris. Words can not really describe the comfort and smoothness of the drive. I could easily imagine having a car like that in real life…DSC_0603In da ne pozabim, tudi vi, dragi bralci, se lahko še vse do 12.6. z oddanim glasom TU za najboljši blogerski zapis potegujete za brezplačni sprostitveni vikend paket za dve osebi v Grand Hotelu Primus in se sami prepričate o tem, kako čudovit je Ptuj! 

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