GUEST interior :: Salon uporabnih umetnosti Maribor

 If you ever find yourself in Slovenia’s second biggest town of Maribor, you have have have to visit Salon uporabnih umetnosti. It’s the most charming cafe/shop/gallery/venue space, located right at the main square in a building which used to house a casino. The space feels really relaxed and filled with that special nostalgic feel of the good old days. The walls are intentionally left distressed, to show all of the wall coverings that were piled on to the walls during different eras of use. All of the furniture is vintage, locally sourced and beautifully restored. Chrystal chandeliers and other unique lights add a bit of drama to the space. Local fashion/jewelry designers produts can be found in glass showcases.   The interior changes to accomodate to events and exhibitions making Salon a really prominent venue and i hope to visit it again as soon as possible. 

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