Day trip :: Udine

There is nothing better to do on a sunny day than take a short trip to Italy. Instead of our ‘usual’ day trip destination of Trieste we decided to mix things up and visit Udine instead. In case you’re not familiar with it, its a super cute historic town with the most amazing views of the southern Alps. Architecture enthusiasts will surely appreciate the sights of Andrea Palladio’s Palazzo Antonini, both Loggias on Piazza della Liberta and other beautiful buildings. If you’re not really that into /art/histroy, you can enjoy some shopping or a delicious cappucino/aperitivo on the sunny main square. Just watch out for the pigeons; they are really agressive when it comes to stealing the snacks!
Yes, im obsessed with my Verameat ‘seinfeld’ tshirt!
wearing: verameat tshirt, kate spade backpack, nike cortez sneakers, h&m jeans, vintage fur bomber, zara shades

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