New York impressions; pt.2

 Times Square in the midst of a snowstorm and really strong cocktails in The Back Room, a prohibition style ‘secret’ bar.

If i try to be a little creative and use metaphores New York is a city i can best compare to an orchard; full of different trees growing yummy fruits. There are so many fruits you just dont know which ones to try first and while some might be (financially) unreachable you just don’t care because you’re busy enjoying the /lower hanging/ fruit. Yeah, metaphores might not be my thing but i hope you get the picture.

                                                        Sunset on Sugar Hill, where i stayed at my friend Tjasa‘s house. 
Just hanging out in Soho. P.C. or not, surviving the cold February weather would be completely impossible without my trusty fur coat AND i got soooo many compliments on it too! 
After last summer’s metallic tattoo craze i’m sort of obsessed with temporary tattoos but its really hard to find ones with cool designs. I came accross Tattly a while ago on instagram and was super happy to be able to visit their Tattly Parlor in Brooklyn in person. It’s actually closing today so in case you are somewhere nearby i recommend dropping by (the entire stock is 50% off!)… if not, there is always the online shop; they ship worldwide. 

         The High Line is such a good example of revitalizing a degredaded area it’s worh visiting even durign a snowstorm!

You can find beautiful restaurants /like Abc Kitchen, right across the street from the cool interior design shops/ everywhere. 
Between Google maps and a Metro Card (a weekly card costs 31 dollars) , navigating the city is really easy. Another great way to get around is Uber; especially during the night when trains are not as frequent. 

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