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The kitchen doubles as a library
When i was a child i used to love walking around my hometown, catching glimpses of peoples homes through open windows (nothing stalker-ish, i promise) and imagining the way the lived. There is nothing more intimate than seing people’s personal space and through it, notice their passions and habits. These days, i’m lucky enough people let me into their homes and even allow me to take photos. 
The home is full of interesting colors and textures. 
Last week, a work assigment brought me into this lovely apartment in the old part of town and i completely fell in love with its creative bohemian feel. The building is a little over a hundred years old which means a spatial layout of many different connecting rooms (pretty useless by today’s standards), high ceilings and french windows. 
Intricate details can be found everywhere.
The owner loves collecting anything vintage and has transofmed her home into a collage of eclectic furniture pieces, home accessories, toys and books. She’s also a pasionate artist, so colorful paintings can be spotted everywhere. Vintage feel of the space is emphasized by the sound of french chansons and all i could think about while being there was #lifegoals!
A couple of modern details ballance out the vintage atmosphere.

Colorful paintings complement the antique accessories. 

             The owner loves to paint and also appreciates the wearable art. 

The ever-growing collection of vintage cups.
Comfortable armchairs can be found in all of the rooms. 

The kitchen/library opens up into the salon.

 The tub is the original one, installed into the apartment over a hundred years ago. 

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