Roman Holiday pt.3

There is one more fun fact about Grand Hotel Primus i haven’t told you about; it got it’s name after the famous Roman general Marcus Antonius Primus. Why you ask? Because the hotel is situated in Slovenia’s oldest town of Ptuj and it reflects it’s rich Roman histroy through interior design, food and even the entertainment program. 
During our blogger retreat we got to enjoy the culinary delicacies based on recepies from the distant past; all in the presence of  the General Primus and his servant who even taught us how to hold a sword. The whole Roman feel of the experience was emphasized by togas we were given to wear. 
After the dinner /and the sword fighting/ we got to relax in the thermal pool of the Valens Augusta Wellness centre.

And in case you forgot; you CAN STILL WIN A FREE WEEKEND GETAWAY at Grand Hotel Primus; all you have to do is click HERE and vote for you favourite blogger! 

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