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Roman Holiday pt.1

  For me, 2015 was definitely a year of ‘work hard party harder’ lifestyle and December was no different; filled with project and parties. By the time 2016 rolled around i felt exhausted, uninspired and /fat/ so i can’t tell you how happy i was to be able to put my life on hold for a couple of days and let myself be pampered by experts from Terme Ptuj (for reference just take a look at expresion of blissful happiness on my face).
 Having had the pleasure of visiting Terme Ptuj before, i already knew all about the beautiful interiors and welcoming atmosphere but i have to admit they surprised me with new treatments, entertainment and renewed, winter themed menu. This time, we got to enjoy their detox programme /stay tuned for a detailed blog post about this/, private spas and even got all dolled up by a make up artist. 
I got to enjoy this weekend with other beauty (Ajda+Katja)/fashion (Anela+Tesa+Anja)/travel (Katka)/health(Urša) bloggers and it’s really great to be able to spend time with just girls and talk about girly stuff; no construction details and budgets for tiling; just make up, clothes and instagram! 
Our ride was provided by Mecedes Benz and i was super excited to be able to try out the new C class T model. I was paired with Katka, who doesn’t really drive so i didn’t even have to share the wheel, ha! Gosh, i love driving in general, but no other car i have ever driven can compare to this one! The car is really spaceous yet easy to manouver, the drive super smooth and being a designer i have to apprecitale the beautiful shape as well. 
It’s super nice to be able to wake up an enjoy the view of ancinet Ptuj castle straight from the bed! 
We were happy to end our trip with a visit to beautiful Ribič restaurant, internationally famous for their seafood specialities. And even if you’re not really info seafood (like me), they will wow you with most delicious and beautifully presented food, amazing wines and homey vibe. Other bloggers were served lobster, which they all loved while I enjoyed the most tender beef steak with roast potatoes and vegetables. 
In najboljša novica za vas, dragi slovenski bralci in bralke: tudi vi se lahko greste razvajat v Grand Hotel Primus v Termah Ptuj! Vse kar morate storiti je, da kliknete SEM, oddate glas za svojo najljubšo blogerko in že boste v žrebanju za DETOX VIKEND ZA DVE OSEBI. Super, ne?

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