Roman holiday :: detox time

 If you’re following me on instagram/facebook (or if you have read my previous post) you already know i spent last weekend in Terme Ptuj, detoxing and enjoying some much needed downtime. If there is a perfect place on this earth to do that, it must be Grand Hotel Primus with their health orineted menu and a wariety of beauty, rejuvenation and body shaping treatments.

Now, let me first say a few words about the food; all made of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The chicken soup you see being poured into a plate was slowly boiled for 24hours with no added salt whatsoever. Before cooking, the chef took the time to show us all of the unprocessed ingredients and talk to us about the food we were about to enjoy. 
Gradn Hotel Primus even teamed up with a nutricionist Mojca Cepuš to create healthy meals and help guide guests towards healthier eating habits. 
After lunch, we had the pleasure of trying out the unique body shaping treatment called Med Contour. It is one of the most effective methods of removing excess fat/cellulite and eliminating toxins by a combination of ultrasound, vacuum masage and lymphatic drainage. This was my first time ever doing any kind of a ‘slimming treatment’ and i was surprised to notice it only took about 30minutes of relaxing teraphy to minimaze my waist by a centimeter. 
And don’t forget you can also win a free weekend getaway at Grand Hotel Primus by voting for your favourite blogger HERE 😉

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