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    Even though Kitchy World technically isn’t a beauty blog every once in a while i feel like sharing some of my favourite products that help me look polished during my busy work days. I’m at that age when i don’t really feel like experimenting with make up anymore and am just happy with a bit of foundation, eyeliner, some lipckstick and a good mascara. A good mascara being the key ingredient. Now, it is true mother nature blessed me with long dark lashes but i still love to use layers upon layers of mascara. And not all mascaras are good; i should know; i tried most of them. 
Until recently i swore by the rule that if you want a good mascara you have to spent a little extra money (also, i hate buying them in drug stores; even new ones are usually dry and smell rancid). But then i came across this Planter’s Natural&Young one and i have been using it ever since. It’s texture is really thick so it covers the entire lenght of the lash and the brush seperates them well enough. Also, it’s COMPLETELY waterproof! On our recent bloggers trip i wore it to the pool and the sauna yet it didn’t smudge at all. It’s the first mascara i’ve ever owned that i can wear all day without any touch ups; however i recommend getting a good make up remover since it isn’t easy to remove in the evening 😉

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