DIY :: Christmas cards

 As the year is ending there is no greater thing than making your loved ones feel special and appreciated. A way to do that (especially the out-of-towners, who you can’t hug in person) is to send personal greeting cards; and there is nothing more personal than a hand made card. Today, i want to share a really simple DIY idea anyone can recreate.

All you will need is paper (i chose simple white sheets), watercolors, a brush, some ribbon (i used a silver one but you can choose any other color), bits of artificial spruce branches and a hot glue gun.

 First, shape the little branches into a shape of a tiny wreath and use glue gun to attach it to the top center of your greeting card. Then, make a tiny bow using the ribbon and attach it to the bottom of the wreath.

 All you need to do after i use watercolors to write the holiday greeting underneath the tiny wreath. You can even use a pencil to outline the words and color them in later if you feel insecure using the brush.

 Voila, simple greeting cards are done; in like 10 minutes! You can write a personal wish inside; or slide in a seperate paper with a wish so the greeting card itself remains intact.

What kind of greeting cards will you be sending out this December?

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