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A peek into ˝Preprosto˝ magazine

 Like last year, my August was /again/ sprinked with Christmas spirit, thanks to Lidl and their invitation to contribute to their beautiful corporate magazine Preprosto. The new issue is even bigger, better and fulled with more beautiful photographs, recepies, diy ideas and articles, all original and created by super talented Slovenian authors. From today on it’s avaliable in all /Slovenian/ Lidl stores and having had the pleasure of already reading it i can only say that at a 1,49€ it’s really worh getting a copy!

For my article, I got to recreate a moment, captured in a vintage holiday photograph. I strived to achieve the same holiday atmosphere while modernising the details and infusing them with some 2015 energy. Making the ornaments, decorating the muffins and /re/creating a holiday setting was so much fun and i have to admit i’m happy with the outcome. Here i’m only sharing a little peak into my work process but in the magazine you can read all about the moment, captured in the original photo from 1957 and all about how to recreate the vintage holiday theme in the modern era. 
Again, i’d love to thank Tina Cipot and Nenad Senič for inviting me to be a part of this great project and Lesnina Slovenija for the props. 

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