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Today, i just wanted to share some ideas im inlove!!! with at the moment and hope to somehow implement them into my life…………
This pink door proves that pink not only suitable for overly feminine girls nurseries /barf/. I’m thinking of ways how to make our home more girly but not overly so; as not to scare the boyfrined. Take a peek into the house behind the pink door for some serious envy ­čśë
I fully admit to falling in love with summer of 2015’s metallic tattoo trend. I’ve actually always wanted a proper tattoo but can’t bare the idea of fully committing to any design (or a man for that matter) for a lifetime so i love the idea of temporary ones. It also amazes me it took so long for someone to design really cool temporary tattoos
The nicest house in the world with a word hello spelled out on the facade! I love how a traditional/simple material such as bricks was used to create an intricate pattern with a humorous twist. 

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