DIY: high low top

It’s been forever since i last took time to make a garment and last weekend’s bad weather finally gave me an excuse to stay indoors and make a high-low top i craved. I love tops that are longer in the back but don’t really like how baggy most of them are. That is why i decided on a minimalistic shape and basic color i’ll easily incorporate into my wardrobe.
It’s a really really easy diy, so if you have an hour you can spare you can make you own one! You’ll need some strechy fabric (i chose white one with lots of texture), scissors, pins, a top you love (for the pattern) and a sewing machine (i used an ovelock but you can use a regular one as well).

 First off, you’ll want to decide how long you want the front and the back of the top to be. after doing that, fold the fabric in half and place it on the floor. The easiest way to get the pattern is to use one of the top you already love and just copy the pattern off of that one.

 Cut the fabric according to the pattern (but remember to leave allowance for the seams) and sew the sides together. Yes, that is actually it! Seriously, all it took to make a top i’ll wear until it falls apart was was some leftover fabric and twenty minutes!

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