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DIY: banana leaf print shorts

As you might have noticed, i have a slight obsession with bana leaf print (here, here), so when i noticed h&m produced a couple of pieces with said print i sprinted into a nearest store. Sadly, most of them didn’t fit my body well but i decided to buy the culottes anyways. I totally realize this style of pants is ment to be worn by tall, stickfigured women so i knew i had to do something about it, i just couldnt decide what to transform them into. 
wearing: h&m culottes, asos top, parfois purse, zara heels, daniel wellington watch
After wearing them a couple of times i really loved the top part of the pants and it even fit perfecty so i just decided to shorten them. Since i’m a short girl I loooove wearing shorts; i pair them with flats for a daytime look and heels for night and never have to worry about showing my *private areas* when bending or dancing. 
 When shortening pants (or skirts) its best to pust them on first and pin them at the desired lenght. After doing that lay them onto a flat surface and, using fabric chalk, draw a line where you’re goona cut the fabric. Don’t forget to leave about 2cm allowance for the seam!
 Carefully cut the fabric…..
 All you have to do then is create a bottom hem so the shorts don’t fray…..
 You can do this without a sewing machine as well; it just might take you more than the 5 minutes it took me… and voila, culottes became shorts i’m surely gonna wear all summer long!
                                            wearing: h&m culottes, parfois purse, zara heels + top, daniel wellington watch

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