How we turned a bank into an apartment for a day

 Last week, i had the pleasure of turning a NKBM bank in the very center of Ljubljana into an apartment for a day. Why you ask? For an event promoting their mortgage loans. The mission was to create ‘the home’ for their spokes person, freestyle ski champion Filip Flisar.
The space we were working with is actually pretty interesting /especially for a bank/ but it still lacks that warm cosy homey feeling. Since there are virtually no walls in the space i decided to design a ‘loft’ like apartment with areas dedicated to ‘sleeping’, ‘eating’ and ‘entertaining’. Also, i needed to ‘soften’ the space with fabrics, soft furnishing and personal detalis. 
The space itself looked very futuristic and Filip himself is a young fun energetic dude so i wanted to bring some of that hipser-ish youthful energy into the space. 
There was no point in loosing time with proper plans/renders so i just a did a few freehand sketches of the ‘loft layout’ and made a list of furniture that we needed to bring in. Luckily, i only had to visit the Lesnina store to find all of the furniture pieces and home accessories that fit within the futuristic/vintage theme i chose. 
I also designed a few versions of the photowall since the client wanted it to resebmle a wallaper or a gallery wall.
After two days of choosing, wrapping, transporting, arranging and styling the pieces Filip seemed to feel right at home in ‘his new apartment’.
I just love the graphic pieces, soft accessories and blue hues i chose. 
We cleverly used the perforated wall to make ‘his new home’ more personal by hanging photos, fun signs and skis. The plush rug, yellow velvet chairs and wooden pieces add warmth to the space. 
The combination of vintage and futuristic pieces actually works relly well. 
The attending celebrities amd journalists loved the relaxed homey vibe of the event so i guess our mission was accomplished 🙂
The artwork above the bed is actually a part of the wall and was created by Gašper Jemec.
I would love to thank NKBM and Idealia PR for inviting me to be a part of this event, Lesnina for providing all of the props and Mateja Katja+Anja for all of their help! Love you all! 

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