Guest interior :: Robba

Lately, many new shops and bars have opened in our little capital of Ljubjana, most of which boast with interiors that i can best describe with a word ˝instagramable˝. And one of most instagramable spaces (just check out the #robba hashtag!) is definitely the newly opened Robba cafe/bar/restaurant with it’s graphic pattern, industrial lighting and nostalgic furniture. 

Designed by AKSL architects in collaboration with designer Teja Ideja, the space is a perfect mixture of modern, vintage, minimalistic and quirky. It’s like a breath of fresh air after a series of copy paste low budget wannabe vintage bars we’ve been seeing the last couple of years. The name Robba and the triangles forming the signature graphic refer to the famous sculptor Francesco Robba and his fountain of three rivers, which is standing right outside the restaurant. 
Apart from one of the most interesting interiors i’ve seen lately, the staff is also super nice, so hopefully i’ll soon be able to enjoy their food and drinks as well. It all looks so yummy on their facebook page so i really can’t wait to try it.

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