DIY :: white and gold table decorations

Summer is THE time for weddings and other events we want tables looking extra special special for. One way to go about that is to hire a florist and pay stupid amount of money for the flowers and other decor … or … do it yourself. 
All you need is some creativity, quite a lot of patinece, bottles, mason jars, glue, glitter and spray paint. I used recycled mason jars and bottles to create as much diversity as possible. Start by soaking the jars in boiling hot water so the labels come off….

Before spray painting make sure you cover the suroundings so the paint doesn’t get everywhere. Also, if you can, find an outdoor area to do this and try not to inhale any of the paint!

I decided on the white/gold theme and therefore used gold glitter and spray paint. Of course, any other colour would work great as well with white flowers. If you are using colorful flowers just make sure they don’t clash with the color of the vases.

After making your vases all you need to do is buy flowers. To get a good price visit wholesale shops and street markets right before they close for the day plus you can also try haggling. I chose all sorts of white flowers and the end result was quite spectacular. The vases were glittering evening sun and the flowers looked amazing so i’m really happy to share this simple diy idea with you all.

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