Travel diary :: Prekmurje

 The weekend is coming up and if you havent made any plans yet i’m happy to share some tips from my recent trip to super beautiful rural far east part of Slovenia called Prekmurje.
        I highly recommend staying at the Firbas Farmhouse, where you get to experience sleeping in a hay bed (or in one of their apartments), feeding the cows, bathing in a wooden tub and other nostalgic activities. 

                                                       The best /homegrown/ food you’ll ever taste! 

    Visit Kocbek oil mill to see how their exclusive pumpkin seed oil gets made and get the first taste, YUM!  
You know I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging!
After all that food it’s great to do some physical activity! Channel your inner Demi Moore in Ghost and try your hand at pottery in Center DUO. I for one never knew even making a simple pot can be a great workout for your whole body! 
As an architect i found these traditional wood huts with thatched roofs quite intriguing. It is possible to rent them and spend a night admiring natural materials and great craftsmanship. 
        I love restaurants that put the same amount of efford into their visual presentation as they do into their food, so i was really impressed with the famous Rajh restaurant. Beautiful, creative (yes, we got to DIY our salads!) and tasty lunch was something i’ll surely never forget! 

                When in Prekmurje, a visit to the thermal spa is an absolute must! Terme 3000 are known for their large water park and black thermal mineral water. Stay in the five star Hotel Livada Prestige and experience the ultimate luxury of taking thermal water baths in the privacy of your own room!

  Burn off some calories by playing golf or relax in the black pool; your choice! 

                    Traditional Prekmurje desert, called ˝over Mura moving cake˝is just to good to pass!

I got to share this great experience with other Slovenian bloggers. And i have great news for you, my dear readers: you can win one of four weekend getaways for your entire family by voting for your favourite blogger (me?!?)  HERE

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    Jaanika L
    April 17, 2015 at 11:38 am

    You got my vote! Good luck 🙂

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    Hans Georg Lundahl
    April 18, 2015 at 9:37 am

    A link to your blog is now on my blogpost Blogs from Countries Where I have Readers, part III, Romania to Turkey. Enjoy the publicity!

    As for the beauty of your blog, I don't know quite sure about Slovenian, but I would both say hvala in Serbocroatian meaning and hwala in the Polish one.

    Not that I am an expert on Slavic languages, I am just learning the word Dokažite.

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