How we turned one house into two apartments

The bedroom, furnished with vintage furniture, graphic prints and plants. 
We renovated this house a couple of years ago and it was acutally my first project when starting my own company. What we did was turn a single family house into two separate flats; one for the mother and one for the daughter. Due to an awful layout of the original late 60ies house and a limited budget it was quite a tricky project but working with great clients made up for everything. 
 photo 01Klet_zpslx53xah8.gif
Ground floor; before and after

We divided the house into two units, built a new entry for the upper unit, moved the original kitchen into the bottom unit, installed the new kitchen, turned a bedroom into a bathroom and the bathroom into a walk in closet. The office became a master bedroom plus we tore down one of the walls to make the bottom unit living area bigger. 

 photo 02Pritilicje_zpsrhqd8aji.gif

                                           First floor; before and after (rooms with pink writing belong to the bottom unit
                                                                   and the ones with blue writing to the top unit)
Since the bottom unit is mostly furnished with the furniture from the original house we didn’t take photos of it. However, new furniture had to be bought fot the top unit… due to limited budget it’s mostly from Ikea, but i think we managed tocreate a cosy space, perfect  for the young couple living there. Hopefully the next thing we’ll be doing is turning the guest bedroom into a nursery 😉
       Vintage-bohemian atmoshpere in the living room.

                                          Kitchen is separated from the living area with a breakfast bar. 

                                                   Modern Ikea sofa is surrounded by art and plants. 

                                                You can see more photos of this bathroom HERE.

                                          The ceiling in the kitchen is really low so we stuck to 
                                                                   light colors to make it seem bigger. 

Photos: Anže Vrabl

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